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Superbells® Double Ruby Double Calibrachoa
Calibrachoa hybrid

A (5.5 - 5.8)
B (0.6 - 0.9)
Medium (150 - 200 ppm)
Moderate to Moist
A (65 - 72º Fahrenheit)
A (55 - 65º Fahrenheit)
A,B (40 - 50º Fahrenheit)

Early Spring through Fall Finish. Standard PPP.

4-5" and Quart Pot : 4-6
6" and Gallon Pot : 5-7
7-9" Pot : 7-9
10-12" and Two Gallon Pot : 10-12

For pots 6" and smaller pinch at transplanting only. For hanging baskets and pots larger than 6" soft pinch at planting and trim around pot just prior to hanging. 5-10 ppm Sumagic or a B-9/Cycocel (2500/750) tank mix is effective. Red, Yellow Chiffon and Cherry Red are very responsive to PGRs so lower rates should be used. 500 ppm Florel on baskets and larger pots will promote branching.

General pest and disease practices as listed in notes. Calibrachoa are sensitive to pythium, phytopthera, and thelaviopsis. Superbells have higher levels of tolerance to these diseases than other Calibrachoa, however, maintaining proper pH (5.5-5.8) and good sanitation practices will help alleviate problems. Increased air circulation, proper water management and good soil porosity are also critical.

Scout regularly for aphids which can be problematic. Be sure to check hanging baskets that are hanging high, it can be easy to forget to scout for insect problems with pots high in the rafters.

When selecting Supberbells we screen for disease resistance to Thielaviopsis; Pythium and Phytophthora.

Grower Tips: 

-Preventive fungicides are recommended at transplant.
-Requires high light in production.
-Needs 200 ppm fertilizer for optimal growth.
-The Superbells series is constantly evaluated for pH sensitivity, this is considered a major issue for the crop, so all trialing evaluates response to high pH and selects away from sensitive clones. It is still best to keep pH below 6.0.
-'Coral Pink' and 'Pink Kiss' are more sensitive to high pH.
-'Blue' has a tendency to stretch under low light conditions.
-'Red' and 'Cherry Red' are very responsive to PGR's, so lower rates should be used.
-Cold is a good natural growth regulator.
-'Tequila Sunrise' will require several pinches if brought in with the rest of the series. It responds well to a pinch at liner planting.
-Yellow growing tips is often an indicator of high pH.
-Blackberry Punch is more sensitive to rooting issues, water management is critical.

-Superbells Blue, Superbells Scarlet, Superbells Blackberry Punch, Superbells Dreamsicle and Superbells Peach can be more upright, especially in lower light conditions. They may need extra pinching and PGR's to control growth.

Second to move outside
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