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2018 Annual of the Year – Supertunia® Bordeaux

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Proven Winners has formally announced the Annual of the Year for 2018: Supertunia® Bordeaux. The goal of this awards program is to create awareness and demand for the most reliable and outstanding annuals Proven Winners offers. Growers need plants that are easy to produce. Retailers need plants with strong sell-through. Consumers need plants with excellent garden performance. The answer to all three audiences is the Annual of the Year.

The Annual of the Year selection is based on these five considerations:
• Easy to grow – for both gardeners and growers alike
• Iconic – easily recognizable as a Proven Winners plant
• Readily available – no production or inventory issues
• Applicable for basket and container use
• Outstanding landscape performance

Candidates for Annual of the Year go through two rounds of internal voting before they are presented in an email survey to Proven Winners’ audience of growers, retailers, broker representatives, gardening press and consumers for voting. This year, over 5,600 people voted to make Supertunia® Bordeaux the 2018 Annual of the Year.

CONSUMER PROMOTIONS – We've devoted an entire website to the promotion of the National Plant of the Year for consumers. You’ll find Supertunia® Bordeaux featured prominently there, along with fun ideas and useful information to help gardeners be successful with this special plant.

National Print Advertising – We’ll create millions of impressions of Supertunia® Bordeaux in our 2018 national advertising campaign which has been diversified to reach a broader array of consumers across the U.S. and Canada.

Gardener’s Idea Book – Supertunia® Bordeaux will be featured prominently in our popular Gardener's Idea Book which is distributed by request to 350,000 consumers annually. 

Social Media Coverage – Supertunia® Bordeaux is an ideal plant to promote across social media channels with
gorgeous photos of lush plantings and how-to videos to help consumers grow their own.

Winner’s Circle Newsletter – Over 176,000 loyal consumers view our Winner’s Circle newsletter each month, in which the 2018 Annual of the Year will be heavily promoted.  Supertunia® Bordeaux Article

2018 Calendar – Supertunia® Bordeaux will be featured in our 2018 calendar to act as a daily reminder and inspiration for consumers.

2018 Calendar

Winner’s Circle® Newsletter

National Print Ad - Spring 2018

Gardener’s Idea Book Concept Spread 


Annual of the Year Social Media and Web Graphics – Proven Winners will be sharing information about the 2018 Annual of the Year through all our online channels this year. To make it easy for you, we’ve put together a collection of free graphics and photos for you to share on your own social media accounts and website. Click here to learn more.  

Gardener’s Idea Book
 – Help spread the word about the Annual of the Year by linking to the PDF version of the Gardener’s Idea Book on your website and social media channels, and encourage your customers to request a free printed copy. Be sure to take advantage of our co-op program early next spring to let your customers know your garden center is their best local resource for Proven Winners. 

Supertunia® Bordeaux
Merchandising your 2018 Annual of the Year display is simple when you use our signage. Use your points or credit card to purchase the 24" x 34" Annual of the Year poster and 11" x 7" benchcard to promote Supertunia Bordeaux.



Gardeners look to Proven Winners for the most outstanding annuals, perennials and shrubs for their gardens. Our National Plant of the Year program highlights and promotes the very best of the brand in all three plant categories. All will be featured prominently in the promotions described above. Here are the winners of the Perennial of the Year and Landscape Plant of the Year awards for 2018.

2018 Perennial of the Year
PRIMO ‘Black Pearl’ Heuchera

Consumer Article

The jet black foliage, excellent vigor and exceptional garden performance of this H. villosa hybrid coral bells will impress everyone who grows Primo 'Black Pearl' Heuchera

See all PRIMO ‘Black Pearl’ POP

2018 Landscape Plant of the Year

Consumer Article

A new look for Weigela! Hot magenta pink flowers dot the deep purple foliage of this broadly spreading shrub. It's an easy sell at garden centers, blooming when consumer traffic is at its peak.



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