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Our 2018 Scholarship Winners

Proven Winners® Innovations in Plant Breeding Scholarship Winners
(Scholarship for $5,000)

New flowers and plants are the lifeblood of our industry. We are proud to support students who are committed to developing new and exciting plants in this competitive market. We congratulate the two winners of our Innovations in Plant Breeding scholarships and wish them a bright future.

Melina Audette

Lorette, MB

University of Manitoba

Level: Sophomore           

Degree Field:  Plant Biotechnology Program - Plant Science Department

Goal: I decided to pursue a degree in plant biotechnology because I want to improve ornamental crops by breeding new varieties. My first two years in this program have piqued my interest in the development of plants using molecular biology and lead me towards doing graduate work once I complete my degree.

Proven Winners® Grower Excellence Scholarship Winners
(Scholarships for $5,000)

High quality plant material produced by talented and hard working growers is absolutely essential for any plant brand to be successful. We are proud to support the next generation of great plantsmen and women pursuing careers in plant production and congratulate the two winners of our Grower Excellence scholarships.

Ruqayah Bhuiyan
Athens, GA

University of Georgia

Level: Junior

Degree Field: Horticulture with a Science Emphasis

Goal: I would really love to steer my career towards working on the best way to deliver water and manipulating light to grow crops. I feel that this type of work has the potential to influence how the horticultural industry looks at plant growth. I want to obtain as much experience as possible and to gain as much knowledge as possible. I hope to work industry, and I also have a desire to continue my education and go to graduate school. I want expand my knowledge on these aspects and hopefully use them to better understand plant growth and the horticultural industry.

Proven Winners® Innovations in Horticultural Marketing Scholarship Winners
(Scholarship for $5,000)

The importance of marketing is often overlooked in our industry, so we need to support students with not only a passion for plants but also for knowing how to market and sell them. We congratulate the winner of our Innovations in Horticultural Marketing scholarship and wish him a bright future ahead.

Shea Keene
Gainesville, FL

University of Florida

Level: PhD

Degree Field: Horticultural Sciences - Environmental Horticulture

Goal: I want to do my part to help the gardening industry continue growing by using these methods to tap into the preferences of horticultural consumers. I want to help breeders develop more desirable cultivars, I want to help growers and retailers market their plants and plant products more effectively, and I want to help them target their consumers through social media platforms. With my strong work ethic, diverse background in horticulture and consumer research and psychology, and my ability to relate with and access younger, media-savvy generations, I firmly believe that I will accomplish these goals and help keep the horticultural industry flourishing.

Proven Winners® Technical or 2-Year Post-Secondary Institution Scholarships
(Five scholarships for $2,000 each)

Many horticulture students begin their post-secondary schooling at 2-year or vocational technology schools as a way to enter the work force sooner. Since horticulture tends to be a very hands-on career with much knowledge gained through work experience, this is an excellent way to break into the industry. We are proud to support five exemplary students who have chosen this route for their schooling and wish them the best of success for the future.

Susanna Bicknell
Sandown, NH

University of New Hampshire's
Thompson School of Applied Science

Level: Senior

Degree Field: Horticultural Technology

Goal: The goal of my education is to equip myself with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in researching and growing native crops in New England. Additionally, I have an interest in horticulture as therapy and would like to pursue a certificate program.

Joseph Kern
Mechanicsburg, PA

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Level: Junior

Degree Field: Landscape/Horticulture Technology

Goal: I aspire to have a larger landscaping company that serves central Pennsylvania from two locations -- one in Harrisburg and one in Mechanicsburg. Along with landscaping services, I plan to grow ornamental plants year-round in a skyscraper greenhouse with LED lighting and hydroponic systems. I also want to become a certified arborist and provide disease control and nutrient additives to trees.

Tai-Renee King
Cleveland, OH

Cuyahoga Community College

Level: Sophomore

Degree Field: Plant Science & Landscape Technology

Goal: To create a community center with an attached greenhouse to teach my community about growing plants for beauty and food.

Ewan Cadsand
Abbotsford, BC

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Level:  First year Junior College

Degree Field: Crop Production Horticulture

Goal:  My focus out of the diploma program will be to turn my mushroom growing hobby into a profitable small business that can be recreated by others internationally. I want to build a company focused on plants and fungi, and to be able to create career opportunities for other people who love horticulture as much as I do. While doing so, I want to create a network with my peers who are also horticultural entrepreneurs, and I wish for us to share resources systematically within the network to help sustain each other's efforts.

Dominique Drouin-Moreland
Sherwood Park, AB

Olds College

Level: First Year Junior College

Degree Field: Horticulture Technician Diploma

Goal: My goals as a horticulturalist focus on establishing and setting an example for sustainable growing practices in northern Canada. I would like to start a project that involves tackling the food security issue in the north by introducing communities to the incredible benefits of the horticulture industry. I envision creating a working fruit and vegetable farm that also provides educational programs for children, youth and adults. My hope is that this project would raise awareness about the importance of growing food, and would also educate people on how to achieve it in their own backyards.


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