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5 Must-Have Shrubs for Spring

Need to spruce up your landscape, but feel intimidated by all the choices out there? Here are five fantastic flowering shrubs that will bring flowers, foliage, and even fragrance to your yard. These easy to grow options are beautiful and long-lived, bringing color, shape, and interest to your home season after season.




Bold, beautiful, and larger than life – that’s Let’s Dance Diva hydrangea! With the biggest flowers of any hydrangea on the market, this incredible reblooming lacecap hydrangea is the perfect garden “statement” plant. Flowers may be a perfect pink or a lovely lilac, depending on your soil. It’s fabulous either way, and because it blooms on both old wood and new wood, you’ll enjoy a l-o-n-g performance when this Diva takes the stage in your garden.


Perfect Pairing - Let’s Dance Diva is a real showstopper,
but she’ll be glad to share the stage with a pretty companion like Snow Princess® alyssum.

Vivid color and sweet perfume are what make lilacs special – get more of both with Bloomerang Dark Purple! The newest member of the Bloomerang gang, you’ll enjoy its dramatic color in spring, when lilacs normally bloom, and again in late summer and autumn when it comes back to bloom again. For the best encore performance, give both Bloomerang and Bloomerang Dark Purple a light trim after their first bloom. The more new growth they put on, the more flowers they’ll get!



Perfect Pairing - Because Bloomerang lilac takes a break
in early summer between its blooming periods, it’s best paired with a low growing rose like Oso Easy® Lemon Zest, which will begin to bloom as the lilac winds down.

Fire Light

Fire Light hydrangea is your garden best friend: it will give you dozens of flowers every summer and ask nothing more than a little mulch and some water in return. You won’t believe that something so pretty could be so easy to grow! Fire Light is a panicle hydrangea, which is super-hardy and blooms reliably every year. The enormous flower clusters start white but age to a vivid ruby-red. Their lacy skeletons add winter interest to the landscape, too.


Perfect Pairing - For a beautiful display from spring through fall, try planting Chardonnay Pearls® deutzia
at the base of Fire Light hydrangea.

Tiny Wine®

Physocarpus opulifolius

Tiny Wine will change your outlook on ninebarks! This tidy little shrub is the perfect accent to tuck into perennial beds or bare spots in your landscape. With dark purple-red foliage, tiny, maple-like leaves, and clusters of pink and white flowers every spring, it’s a versatile garden workhorse. Disease-resistant and no pruning required.



Perfect Pairing - The dark foliage is the perfect companion to the fresh greens of ‘Limelight’ or Little Lime® hydrangea.



'Sweet Summer Love'


Finally, a colorful fragrant clematis that anyone can grow! Sweet Summer Love is like the notoriously vigorous sweet autumn clematis, but it’s much better behaved, it blooms earlier, and best of all, it flowers in beautiful violet tones instead of plain white. It’s got all of the fragrance with none of the problems. Let it clamor over your deck railing, or put  a pretty trellis or obelisk in your garden and cover it with color.


Perfect Pairing - Try Sweet Summer Love clematis
with a tidy boxwood, like North Star or Sprinter for
a cottage-yet-classic look.
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