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Looking for plants you can trust to create a beautiful, easy-to-maintain garden? All you have to do is look for the Proven Winners name to know you're getting the most distinctive plants on the market. That's because Proven Winners partners with the top plant breeders around the world to ensure our varieties are vigorous, healthy, vibrant, and unique.


Why Proven Winners Plants are Better

Proven Winners searches the world to find and select plants which are clearly superior to others of their type in our trials in Michigan, New Hampshire, California, Germany, Japan, and Florida. Once a Proven Winners plant makes it to your house, you'll fall in love. Proven Winners plants are:

  • Easy to grow and care for
  • Covered with blooms
  • Bright and colorful
  • All-season bloomers
  • Disease free
  • Trialed and tested

Start healthy, stay healthy! In addition to strenuous testing for your garden's performance, Proven Winners goes the extra step in protecting our plants and the gardeners who use them. Every Proven Winners plant has been screened of all plant disease and viral organisms.
   It is not a fast or inexpensive process. Why do we do it? So that when the plants arrive at your local garden center, we know we have done everything possible to assure you receive the healthiest plant possible.  It's a simple concept  the gardener is more likely to succeed. You'll value Proven Winners because you start with the healthiest plant possible, and we want you to remember Proven Winners as the best plants you've grown! This bit of trivia is how the Proven Winners slogan came to be: A Better Garden Begins with a Better Plant.

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