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Jamie Durie's Favorite Plants - Supertunia® Petunias


Jamie Durie is an Australian-born, award-winning, international horticulturalist, and landscape designer. He is founder and Director of Durie Design, a television host and producer, the author of 9 best-selling books, a passionate environmentalist, and humanitarian. Durie previously was the host of the Seven Network's (HGTV) The Outdoor Room and the U.S. PBS series The Victory Garden.

Jamie's interest with Proven Winners® plants is how you can bring instant color into the garden with little effort.

No deadheading, easy to care for, and disease resistance are just a few of the attributes of Supertunias®. Consistant color is important, and since Proven Winner® plants are bred from cuttings – unlike seed petunias – Supertunias®  have the rich consistent color Jamie demands.  With the big beautiful blooms of Supertunias® instant color is easy.  In the landscape or in containers these plants stand on their own.


 Jamie's top 5 favorites


Supertunia® Royal Velvet

You gotta love this color, rich dark purple and you can see why they called it Royal Velvet.  Planted by itself or in combinations this plant really shines. 

View our container gardens recipes featuring
Supertunia® Royal Velvet


Supertunia® Raspberry Blast

This bicolored beauty is a huge healthy mound of joy all season long.  I like it planted by itself but here are some beautiful container garden recipes you can also use.



Supertunia® Vista Bubblegum

Mass color for landscape beds, fills in so fast for instant gratification all season long.  Used by Landscapers all over this plant continues to take over, and fill in beds for a sea of color. Vista Bubblegum is also great in containers, here are a few combinations to try.



Supertunia® Bordeaux

This is a great plant! Once you try it you'll have to have it every year.  Unique but bold color with a beautiful mounding habit.  Works well alone or in a container garden


Supertunia® Pretty Much Picasso®

Truly unique color, a dark eye with a bright green edge around the hot pink. Aggressive, wild and fun this plant will make you smile. Make sure you feed Supertunia® Pretty Much Picasso® to insure it look its best all season.

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