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Take Advantage of the Best Form of POP We Offer


The Proven Winners® white branded containers stand out. And you can see why. From its distinctive color and branding, to its innovative tag design and technology, it's a powerful package for growers and retailers.  And for consumers, it's hard to resist because they know it means quality.

Benefits of Using Proven Winners Branded Containers:

  • Instant recognition of a quality plant brand at retail
  • Visibility on billboards, social media, websites and in 600,000 Gardener's Idea Books each year
  • Specific UPC's on each container, with custom UPC available
  • A guarantee to increase sales, or your money back
  • Self-Symetricize® technology that eliminates the need to spin containers to line up tags – our trays do all the work
  • Our containers are mentioned specifically in our $1 million+ radio/Pandora campaign
White Branded Containers:

  • 4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize®
  • 4.50 Classic Self-Symetricize®
  • 1.0 QT
  • 6.50
  • 1.0 GL Royale
  • 8.5 Jumbo
  • Grande Self-Symetricize® 8-count, 10-count & 16-count Flat Filler Display Trays
  • Classic Self-Symetricize® 8-count Flat Filler Display Tray
  • 1.0 QT  8-count Flat Filler Display Tray
  • 6.50 6-count Flat Filler Display Tray
  • 1.0 GL Royale 3-count Carry/Display Tray

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2017 U.S. & Canada Price List

In the U.S.:

  • Pleasant View Gardens, Loudon, NH: Tel. 603-435-8361, Fax 603-435-6849
  • Four Star Greenhouse, Carleton, MI: Tel. 734-654-6420, Fax 734-654-2795
  • Walters Gardens, Zeeland, MI: Tel. 1-888-925-8377, Fax (800) 752-1879

In Canada:

  • Nordic Nurseries, Abbottsford, BC:Tel. 604-607-7074; Fax 604-607-7073
  • Sobkowich Greenhouse, Grimsby, Ontario:Tel. 905-945-8870; Fax 905-945-1499
  1. Prices are effective July 1, 2016. Prices are subject to change. Prices are in U.S. Dollars.
  2. All orders are invoiced by your preferred H.C. Companies/Dillen distributor, or if you have no preference, one will be selected by H.C./Dillen. Distributors will honor prices listed.
  3. Minimum order is one case.
  4. All containers listed above are available as standard inventory items with a pre-printed UPC code. Containers are also available as standard inventory items without a UPC code (the UPC print area is left blank) with the exception of the 1.0 QT container with a Proven Selections logo, the 6.50 container with a Proven Selection logo, and the 8.50 Jumbo container with either logo. All other UPC configurations, including adding your own UPC code, can be printed at no additional cost with a minimum order of 25,000 containers (per each UPC, per container size), or for minimum orders of 10,000 containers for an additional set up charge of $360.00 per item. Use the quantities listed above to determine prices. Note - your own UPC cannot be printed on specialty containers (i.e., Diamond Frost, Tuscan Sun, Snow Princess, Pretty Much Picasso and Foolproof Color). These containers are available only with a generic UPC code. If a specific UPC is required for specialty containers, you may apply a UPC sticker over the printed UPC, or call your supplier for a price quote to have this done for you. Additionally,the Proven Winners address is printed on all standard inventory items. Removing the Proven Winners address and/or substituting your own address is considered a special order.
  5. All prices are for payment in 30 days from date of invoice. Requests for terms beyond 30 days allows the distributor to renegotiate prices to cover carrying costs.

If the extra cost of the Proven Winners Proven Package does not help you sell our plants faster – and more profitably – we will refund you the difference (8 cents for every 1.0 GL container and 4 cents for all our other branded containers purchased).


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