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Take Advantage of the Best Form of POP We Offer

Branded Containers - Perennial Recommendation      Branded Container Research

The Proven Winners® white branded containers stand out. And you can see why. From its distinctive color and branding, to its innovative tag design and technology, it's a powerful package for growers and retailers.  And for consumers, it's hard to resist because they know it means quality.

Benefits of Using Proven Winners Branded Containers

  • Instant recognition of a quality plant brand at retail
  • Visibility on billboards, social media, websites and in 500,000 Gardener's Idea Books annually
  • Specific UPC's on each container, with no-UPC and custom UPC options available
  • Self-Symetricize® technology that eliminates the need to spin containers to line up tags – our trays do all the work (only available with Grandé containers) 
  • Our containers are mentioned specifically in our $1 million+ radio/Pandora campaign

White Branded Containers
Injection Mold         HC/Dillen      East Jordan
3.5 Container               Yes                  No
Grande 4.25                 Yes                  No
Classic 4.50                 Yes                  No
1.0 QT                           Yes                  No   
6.5                                 Yes                  No
8.50                               Yes                  No
Royale 1.0 GL               Yes                  No

Co-Ex Containers
3.5  Container                 No                 Yes
Grande 4.25                   Yes                 Yes
1.0 QT                             Yes                Yes
6.50                                 No                 Yes
8.50                                 No                  No
Royale 1.0 GL                Yes                 Yes
Trays for Injection Molded Branded Containers
  • Grande Self-Symetricize® 8-count and 10-count
  • Classic Self-Symetricize® 8-count Flat Filler Display Tray
  • 1.0 QT  8-count Flat Filler Display Tray
  • 6.50 6-count Flat Filler Display Tray
  • Royale 1.0 GL 3-count Flat Filler Display Tray
Trays for Co-Ex Branded Containers
  • Co-ex Self-Symetricize Grande 4.25 plus 8-count and 10-count trays.
  • Co-ex 1.0 QT plus 8-count and 10-count trays.
  • Co-ex Royale 1.0 GL plus 3-count and 6-count trays.
East Jordon
  • Co-ex Grande 4.25 plus a 10-count tray for the Grande.
  • Co-ex Royale plus a 3-count tray for the Royale.
  • Co-ex 3.5 container plus a 12-count tray for the 3.5 container.
  • Co-ex 1.0 QT plus an 8-count tray for the 1.0 QT
  • Co-Ex 6.5 container plus a 6-count tray for the 6.5 container.

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for Injection Molded
Branded Containers

2020 U.S. and Canada Container Price List


To place your order
for Co-Ex
Branded Containers

Contact your
liner propagator below

In the U.S.:

  • Pleasant View Gardens, Loudon, NH: Tel. 603-435-8361, Fax 603-435-6849
  • Four Star Greenhouse, Carleton, MI: Tel. 734-654-6420, Fax 734-654-2795
  • Walters Gardens, Zeeland, MI: Tel. 888-925-8377, Fax 800-752-1879 (injection mold only)

In Canada:

  • Nordic Nurseries, Abbottsford, BC: Tel. 604-607-7074; Fax 604-607-7073
  • Sobkowich Greenhouse, Grimsby, Ontario: Tel. 905-945-8870; Fax 905-945-1499
H.C. Companies/Dillen Terms and Conditions
  1. Prices are effective July 1, 2019. Prices are subject to change. Prices are in U.S. Dollars.

  2. Discount or Terms: We offer an Early Order Terms Program of 2% 10, Net 3/2/2020 for all orders placed by October 15, 2019 which we can ship 'as soon as available'. If product is available for early shipment but cannot be taken early, the delivery date will revert to the date originally requested on the order and standard net 30 terms will apply. Note - this offer excludes Proven Winners ColorChoice containers, containers produced by Nursery Supplies, Inc. and orders paid by credit card.

  3. All orders are invoiced by your preferred H.C. Companies/Dillen distributor, or if you have no preference, one will be selected by H.C./Dillen. Distributors will honor prices listed above.

  4. Minimum order is one case.

  5. Containers are available both with or without a pre-printed UPC code.  Custom UPC codes are available on all containers, however minimum order quantities may be required.  Contact H.C. Companies/Dillen customer service for additional information regarding minimums.

  6. Except #2 above, all prices are for payment in 30 days from date of invoice. Requests for terms beyond 30 days allows the distributor to renegotiate prices to cover carrying costs.
East Jordan Terms and Conditions
  1. The early order due date is 8-30-19; deliveries begin on this date.  The early order discount is 2% for payment in 10 days, or due 3-1-20.

  2. The early order discount for East Jordan Grande co-ex containers closes after the first 3,000,000 million Grande containers booked.

  3. East Jordan is offering a further 3% discount on all trays delivered by 10-30-19. 



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