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Stunning Summerific® Hibiscus

Just about the time that many gardens are beginning to look a bit forlorn from the summer heat, Summerific Hibiscus (commonly
called Rose Mallow) comes into its prime. Blooming from mid to late summer and well into fall, these stunners bear the largest flowers of any perennial with buds appearing up the stems, not just at the top like older varieties. Their large size and fast growth rate makes Summerific Hibiscus excellent specimen plants for the landscape. Surprising but true: these tropical looking beauties are hardy all the way down to zone 4! Though they emerge late in spring, they more than make up for it with vigorous growth and amazing flower power.

A range of warm, lovely flower colors in the Summerific Hibiscus series are available now and pictured here. Watch for more new Summerifics coming next year!


Summerific® 'Cherry Cheesecake'


This gorgeous bicolor beauty bears huge 7-8”, white flowers tipped and veined with magenta and a red eye beginning in midsummer. It’s a full sized Hibiscus, topping out around 4-5’ tall and 5-6’ wide, so give it plenty of space to reach its full potential.


Summerific® 'Berry Awesome'


This fruity and floriferous selection bears huge 8-9”, mauve lavender blossoms with a strawberry eye and attractively ruffled petals beginning in midsummer. Its bright green, maple-shaped foliage forms a bushy, rounded mound that typically measures 4 ½-5’ tall and wide.

Summerific® 'Cranberry Crush'


This classic stunner bears gorgeous scarlet red, glossy blossoms which emerge from near-black buds beginning in midsummer. They really pop against the backdrop of dark green, maple-shaped foliage. ‘Cranberry Crush’ is the most compact member of the Summerific series to date, measuring in at 3-4’ tall and 4-5’ wide.



Summerific® 'Perfect Storm'


Perhaps the most dramatic member of the series, ‘Summer Storm’ is a flurry of stormy dark purple, maple-shaped foliage from the time it emerges in late spring. You could grow it for its amazing foliage alone, but as an added bonus you’ll be treated to summery pink, 8-10” blossoms beginning in midsummer. This is the largest member of the series, growing 4-5’ tall and 4-6’ wide, so keep this in mind when you’re choosing where to plant it.
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