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Merchandise by Solution

Merchandise by Solution
COVID-19 UPDATE: We are accepting U.S. Point of Purchase orders at this time, but will not be able to produce or ship those materials until April 15 at the earliest.

Everyone has that spot that they need to fill. Maybe it's in the sun; maybe it's in the shade. Maybe she's looking for an annual. Maybe it's a perennial. Maybe it's a dry spot. Or maybe she's looking to attract butterflies or hummingbirds. Whatever she needs, help her to find something for it. Everyone loves someone who helps them solve a 'problem'. Let YOUR garden center be that 'problem' solver for her!

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'Amazing Annuals' 5x2.5' Horizontal Banner$67.00
'Annual Plants' 11x7" Display Benchcard$4.00
'Annual Plants' 18x18" Sign$26.00
'Annual Plants' 2.5x5' Vertical Banner$67.00
'Annual Plants' 23x23" Sign$31.00
'Annual Plants' 5x2.5' Horizontal Banner$67.00
'Attracts Butterflies' 11x7" Display Benchcard$4.00
'Attracts Butterflies' 12"x30" Diecut Sign$33.00
'Attracts Butterflies' 18x18" Sign$26.00
'Attracts Butterflies' 23x23" Sign$31.00
'Attracts Butterflies' Heavyweight 18x45" Diecut Sign$41.00
'Attracts Hummingbirds' 11x7" Display Benchcard$4.00
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