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Merchandise by Solution

Merchandise by Solution

Everyone has that spot that they need to fill. Maybe it's in the sun; maybe it's in the shade. Maybe she's looking for an annual. Maybe it's a perennial. Maybe it's a dry spot. Or maybe she's looking to attract butterflies or hummingbirds. Whatever she needs, help her to find something for it. Everyone loves someone who helps them solve a 'problem'. Let YOUR garden center be that 'problem' solver for her!

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'Amazing Annuals' 5x2.5' Horizontal Banner$71.00
'Annual Plants' 11x7" Display Benchcard$5.00
'Annual Plants' 18x18" Sign$30.00
'Annual Plants' 2.5x5' Vertical Banner$71.00
'Annual Plants' 23x23" Sign$36.00
'Annual Plants' 5x2.5' Horizontal Banner$71.00
'Attracts Butterflies' 11x7" Display Benchcard$5.00
'Attracts Butterflies' 12"x30" Diecut Sign$38.00
'Attracts Butterflies' 18x18" Sign$30.00
'Attracts Butterflies' 23x23" Sign$36.00
'Attracts Butterflies' Heavyweight 18x45" Diecut Sign$48.00
'Attracts Hummingbirds' 11x7" Display Benchcard$5.00
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