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Co-Ex Annual Containers and Trays

Due to strong demand from customers, Proven Winners has partnered with East Jordan Plastics to be the exclusive supplier of Proven Winners co-extruded branded containers and corresponding trays for annual plants. These items will be available to all North American growers beginning with the 2018-2019 season. The addition of co-ex containers gives you the flexibility to purchase the type of branded container you prefer—injection molded or co-ex. The H.C. Companies (Dillen) will remain the exclusive supplier of Proven Winners injection molded branded containers and trays for annual plant growers. 

An early order discount is being offered for co-ex containers. Like injection molded containers from The H.C. Companies (Dillen), this discount provides for terms of 2% 10, net 3/1/2019 for all orders placed by 10/15/18 which are shipped 'as soon as available'. For all other orders, terms are net 30 from the date of shipment. We suggest placing your orders early to insure product availability. Orders placed under the early order discount program are given priority in production and shipping. Orders placed after the early order cutoff will result in extended lead times and more limited availability.

Like injection molded branded containers, all co-ex branded containers are white and are offered with the following logos: Proven Winners®, Proven Selections®, Graceful Grasses®, Fall Color, and Amazel Basil. Generic UPC and no UPC containers are standard inventory items; UPC specific containers are available with a minimum order. Contact your Proven Winners propagator or East Jordan Plastics for more details about ordering UPC specific containers. 

Proven Winners co-ex branded containers are available in the following sizes:

  • Co-ex Self-Symetricize 4.25 Grande container with a 10-count tray
  • Co-ex 1.0 GL Royale container with a 3-count tray
  • Co-ex 1.0 QT container with an 8-count tray
  • Co-ex 6.5 container plus a 6-count tray

The Grande, Royale, and 1.0 QT containers feature an upgraded tag slot that is easy to use with Proven Winners tags and holds the tags tightly in the containers.

Proven Winners annuals propagators will act as distributors for these products. 
You may place orders for fewer than 160 cases with your propagator of choice.

In the U.S.:

  • Pleasant View Gardens, Loudon, NH: Tel. 603-435-8361, Fax 603-435-6849
  • Four Star Greenhouse, Carleton, MI: Tel. 734-654-6420, Fax 734-654-2795

In Canada:

  • Nordic Nurseries, Abbottsford, BC: Tel. 604-607-7074; Fax 604-607-7073
  • Sobkowich Greenhouse, Grimsby, Ontario: Tel. 905-945-8870; Fax 905-945-1499

Orders for 160+ cases may be placed with your propagator of choice or directly with East Jordan Plastics at or by contacting Angela Snyder at 800.353.1190.

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