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Exclusive Marketing Solutions for IGCs

Marketing service exclusively for our IGC customers that aims to make your life easier while putting the power of the Proven Winners brand to work for your business. Subscribe to our Proven Winners CONNECT+ program at your preferred level, from the free Getting Started option to our premium Elite level, and let our marketing experts get to work for you.

Once you have subscribed, you will start to see the benefits included in your selected package roll in. Our CONNECT+ marketing specialist will guide you through the process to ensure you maximize these valuable opportunities to connect with your customers.

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In the chart below, you’ll see that all your favorite benefits like a free pizza party for certified retailers, Proven Winners t-shirts and readymade social media graphics are still available to you free of charge. We’ve also added many more unique marketing solutions for our paid subscribers, including custom graphics and targeted ads for Facebook, free cases of our popular Gardener’s Idea Book, custom videos by Laura of Garden Answer, and an innovative new approach to helping consumers find products in your store with our new online inventory listing.


Become a Certified Proven Winners RetailerXXXX
Enhanced Find a Retailer ListingXXXX
Proven Winners UniversityXXXX
Free Pizza PartyXXXX
Free Proven Winners T-Shirt or Hat (for all Certified employees)XXXX
Proven Winners Photo Library AccessXXXX
Subscription to Retailer NewsletterXXX


Free Gardener's Idea Books (**GIB Co-Op customers have an additional option below if desired.) 2 cases/200 books5 cases/500 books10 cases/1,000 books

Point of Purchase Materials

Access to our Custom POP Design Team



$50 coupon


$100 coupon


$150 coupon


PowerPoint Presentations 1 Presentation - Container Gardening3 Presentations - Container Gardening, New Varieties, Plants for Pollinators6 Presentations - Container Gardening, New Varieties, Plants for Pollinators, Hydrangeas Demystified, Solution Gardening, Native Plants
Readymade Social Media GraphicsXXXX
Custom Facebook Graphics 15 graphics with your logo added25 graphics with your logo added45 custom graphics
Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign  1 ad - 3 wk campaign2 ads - 6 wk campaign
Customized Pandora Ad Campaign (US only)  3 wks - 15K impressions6 wks - 30k impressions
Eligibile for Inventory Listing on  XX
Laura of Garden Answers Custom Videos   Up to 5 videos
Garden Design Retailer Listing   X
Subscription cost FREE$400.00$1,050.00$2,000.00

Download PDF of this chart:  US  Canada

Register for our new Proven Winners CONNECT+ marketing service
Have questions? Speak with our CONNECT+ marketing specialist at 815-895-1872 or email us at

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Take Advantage of These Valuable Resources

Become a Certified Proven Winners Retailer

The foundation of strong sales of Proven Winners is having trained staff members who are excited to go out and confidently sell this product. That’s why we require all businesses who wish to participate in our Proven Winners CONNECT+ marketing service to complete our Certification Program each spring.

 BENEFITS >  Available to all Proven Winners IGC customers


Enhanced Find a Retailer Listing

All Certified Proven Winners Retailers will automatically be listed on our Find a Retailer locator service at Modern technology allows us to instantly display a consumer’s closest certified retailers when they land on our home page. With six million website visitors each year, that’s a whole lot of exposure just for getting certified!

 BENEFITS > Available to all Certified Proven Winners Retailers


Proven Winners University

We’ve listened to retailers who’ve asked us to keep our training video under one hour long, but there is so much more knowledge we want to share with you! That’s why we developed the Proven Winners University. It contains over 50 additional short but valuable training videos you can use during your weekly staff meetings. This bonus material is available exclusively to IGCs who complete our Certification program.

 BENEFITS > Available to all Certified Proven Winners Retailers


Free Pizza Party

When we added a free pizza party as one of the benefits of completing our Certification Program in 2016, we had no idea how popular it would become! To date, we’ve given away 1,729 pizza parties and our certified retailers have told us countless times how much they love this reward. The team at Garden Pleasures garden center reported back, “Our group of 11 certified employees really enjoyed our pizza lunch! It’s a becoming a fun tradition here.”

 BENEFITS > Available to all Certified Proven Winners Retailers


Free Proven Winners T-Shirt or Hat

Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt or hat? We’ll provide one for all your employees who complete our Certification Program. It’s a simple but appreciated reward you can offer them for their efforts in becoming trained to sell Proven Winners. If you’d prefer to exchange this reward for a $6 credit per employee to use towards POP in our online store, let us know. 

 BENEFITS > Available to all Certified Proven Winners Retailers


Proven Winners Photo Library Access

Proven Winners CONNECT+ subscribers have full access to our photo library which contains over 11,000 professional quality images. Choose from inspirational lifestyle imagery, beauty shots of individual varieties, container recipes and much more in both high and low resolution sizes suitable for print or online use. It’s at your fingertips online 24/7 for easy download. 

 BENEFITS > Available to all Certified Proven Winners Retailers


Subscription to Retailer Newsletter

When you subscribe to Proven Winners CONNECT+, you’ll automatically be signed up to receive our monthly e-newsletter written specifically for retailers by Jessica and Meghan. They’ll keep you up to date on trends they’re seeing from the road, unique merchandising ideas, best practices, new opportunities for retailers and much more. 

 BENEFITS > Available to all Proven Winners IGC customers


Free Gardener’s Idea Books

Gardeners love free giveaways, and our annual Gardener’s Idea Book is always a huge hit. When you subscribe to Proven Winners CONNECT+ at the Basic, Enhanced or Elite level, you’ll receive free copies to give away at your store’s events, at the cash wrap, or any other creative way you’d like to use them. The books are free and so is the shipping. Available beginning February 15, 2020.

 BENEFITS > Basic - 2 cases/200 books; Enhanced – 5 cases/500 books; Elite – 10 cases/1,000 books.

*Upgrade this benefit for $65 USD per additional case of Gardener’s Idea Books.

** Customers that participate in our GIB Co-op can choose to unbundle (exchange) their CONNECT+ cases for a $45 USD per case credit when using them to fulfill their co-op mailing. Please contact Sandy at 815.895.1872 so she can properly enter your CONNECT+ order.


Point of Purchase Materials

Update your store’s signage each year using your coupon for our ready-to-go POP in our online store. Ordering our pre-printed posters, banners, benchcards and more is the fastest way to sign your store before opening day. All orders are shipped within 48 hours of placement. Enhanced and Elite subscribers may utilize our design team to customize your POP at no additional cost.

 BENEFITS > Basic - $50 coupon; Enhanced - $100 coupon; Elite - $150 coupon

Access to POP design team: Enhanced and Elite subscribers

*Upgrade this benefit with incremental $10 coupons.

** Coupons expire June 30th of each year.


PowerPoint Presentations

Though we try to make Proven Winners staff available for live presentations whenever possible, we are offering you the tools you’ll need to give professional quality presentations of Proven Winners plants on your own. We’ve developed six PowerPoint presentations on the popular topics you see listed below and making them available to our Basic, Enhanced and Elite CONNECT+ subscribers. Use them for your store’s workshops, at garden club meetings and community events.

Each presentation includes lots of notes for the presenter on each slide - including plant identification and background information as needed.

Here's what Jeff Doherty from Angel's Garden Center in Hopkinton, Massachusetts says:

WOW! I’m super impressed, so professional, I’m going to look like a movie star when I use this! What an incredibly valuable tool to have when doing a presentation!



Basic – 1 Presentation: Container Gardening

Enhanced – 3 Presentations: Container Gardening, Gardening for Pollinators, New Varieties

Elite – 6 Presentations: Container Gardening, Gardening for Pollinators, New Varieties,

Solution Gardening, Hydrangeas Demystified, Gardening with Native Plants

*Presentation topics subject to change.


Readymade Social Media Graphics

We make it easy for all levels of Proven Winners CONNECT+ subscribers to share our readymade graphics on their own social media channels by offering free, pre-sized graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Dive into this rich resource all year long as we add content for every season and key programs like our National Plants and Recipes of the Year, new varieties and top sellers.

 BENEFITS > Available to all Certified Proven Winners Retailers


Custom Facebook Graphics

If you like the look of our social media graphics but prefer something more custom, you’ll want to subscribe to our Basic, Enhanced or Elite CONNECT+ service. Put our graphic artists to work for you to create a unique look that matches your store’s look and feel. 


Basic and Enhanced subscribers – We’ll add your company logo to our readymade social media graphics and deliver them back to you correctly sized and ready to upload to your social channels. Basic: 15 graphics included; Enhanced: 25 graphics included. Graphic: Pesche’s

Elite subscribers – Our graphic artists will work with you to create a totally custom look for up to 45 social media graphics, all sized and ready to use on your social channels. Graphic: McAdam’s

*Upgrade this benefit by adding sets of 10 additional graphics for $70.


Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign 

Reaching the right demographic (generally 85% females and 15% males age 35-64) on Facebook requires the use of targeted paid advertising, which has proven to be far more effective than boosting posts. For Enhanced and Elite CONNECT+ subscribers, Proven Winners will run a targeted Facebook ad campaign for your business with a goal of boosting foot traffic to your store. We’ll take care of the graphics and running the campaign, and you’ll reap the benefits. Ads will run in most markets from late April through early June but can be shifted earlier for warmer climates.

 BENEFITS > Enhanced – 1 Facebook ad, 3 week campaign; Elite – 2 Facebook ads, 6 week campaign

* Hosting a special event you’d like us to promote? Upgrade this benefit to include an additional ad or extend your ad in one week increments for a fee.


Customized Pandora Ad Campaign

Enhanced and Elite CONNECT+ U.S. retailers have the opportunity to target local garden enthusiasts within a 20-mile radius of their garden center’s zip code with Pandora internet radio ads. Laura from Garden Answer is the voice behind all of our Pandora ads, and she will mention your garden center’s name and city (if desired) at the end of your customized ad.

A bonus banner ad which runs with the Pandora radio ad online will include your company logo and link to your website or Facebook page. We know that many of you are operating under restrictions of some sort due to COVID-19.  To better help you to communicate your services, we are offering four Pandora Ad options for you to select from below. In addition, you can provide us with a link to your website or online store to better direct your customers.  Please email us and let us know which graphic you’d prefer to use.


 BENEFITS > Enhanced – 4 week ad run/15K impressions; Elite – 6 week ad run/30K impressions

*Upgrade this benefit by adding incremental 5K more impressions for $75.  Learn more


Eligible for Inventory Listing on

Thousands of times per season, consumers ask us which of their local stores carry specific Proven Winners varieties. To better meet their needs and send foot traffic to your store, we’ve developed a way to track and relay the names, addresses and in-stock dates of retailers who have the items available to consumers. This information is displayed on the individual plant records on our website.

By communicating your inventory to Proven Winners through one of six methods we’ve developed, we will be able to connect you directly with customers looking for the plants you have in stock. Scan the QR code to see a demo of our new Inventory Listing system.

 BENEFITS > Enhanced and Elite subscribers are eligible.


Opportunity to Represent Proven Winners at Consumer Shows

Flower and garden shows offer a unique way to sell the experience of gardening by immersing consumers in the beauty of plants. We’ll be promoting our National Plants of the Year and new varieties at eight consumer shows across the U.S. and Canada in 2020 and would love for you to join us. Enhanced and Elite CONNECT+ subscribers located near a flower and garden show we’re participating in will have the opportunity to represent Proven Winners at the show.

2020 show cities include: Chicago IL, Boston MA, Grand Rapids MI, Charlotte NC, Toronto ON, Philadelphia PA, Newport RI, Seattle WA

 BENEFITS > Enhanced and Elite subscribers are eligible.


Laura of Garden Answer Custom Videos

With over 500 million gardening video views, Laura of @Garden Answer is the #1 gardening influencer in the world. Every day, she inspires a whole new generation to garden with Proven Winners. We encourage all our IGC customers to share Laura’s videos on your social media pages, website, newsletter and in-store kiosk. You’ll find a playlist of Garden Answer videos and be able to share them directly from this link

Elite CONNECT+ subscribers have the exclusive benefit of putting Laura to work for you by customizing our five National Plant of the Year videos with your garden center’s name and logo. We’ll create the videos; all we need is your company name and logo. Then, we’ll deliver the finished product to you for use in your online marketing efforts.

 BENEFITS > Available to Elite subscribers only. Includes up to 5 custom videos featuring the National Plants of the Year including: Diamond Collection Euphorbia, ‘Denim ‘n Lace’ Perovskia, Shadowland® ‘Coast to Coast’ Hosta, Oso Easy Double Red Rose and Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangea.


Garden Design Website Listing

Our recent partnership with Garden Design has garnered amazing new exposure for the Proven Winners brand. Six to eight million gardening enthusiasts visit their website each year where Proven Winners annuals, perennials, shrubs and hard goods are featured prominently.

This innovative new opportunity available exclusively to Elite CONNECT+ subscribers will list your IGC as a source for Proven Winners on the Garden Design website. The exposure is a huge benefit, but the link from Garden Design to your website will also boost the search engine optimization for your own website.

 BENEFITS > Available to Elite subscribers only.

Watch the video below to learn more about the listing.



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