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CONNECT+ Enhanced

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2023 CONNECT+ Subscription - Step-by-Step Instructions
You must be logged into the user account that lists the retail locations you wish to subscribe.






Subscription Cost
$1500 EOD/$1750 after Jan. 15th ($8100 value)


1.  Free Find a Retailer Listing

2.  Subscr
iption to Retailer Newsletter

3.   Access to:
      • Proven Winners Photo Library
      • Proven Winners University Training

4.   Certified Rewards
      • Pizza Party afther certification
      • T-Shirts, Hats, or P.O.P. Credit

5.   2-Week Facebook Ad Campaign



6.   500 Gardener's Idea Books w/logo (Jan. 15th deadline)

7.   $200 P.O.P. coupon

8.   5 PowerPoint Presentations

9.   50 Facebook & Instragram graphics + 15 custom graphics

10.  Connect+ Video System

11.  2-week Facebook ad campaign

12.  3-week radio streaming campaign

13.  Inventory Listing on

14.  Garden Design listing

15.  2-week customized Google campaign


Compare all benefit levels US or Canada.

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