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Finding the Right Plant Articles

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Today’s busy gardeners want and need low maintenance landscapes. They desire a beautiful yard but often don’t have the time or expertise to achieve the look they want. Do them a favor and plant these low maintenance annuals, perennials and shrubs to guarantee their success.

'Enchanted Indigo'

Learn about new Proven Winners perennials to utilize in sun and shade conditions.

Tired of planting plain ole pansies for all of your early season projects? Proven Winners has six creative alternatives available in every color of the rainbow--perfect for the landscape or a bright patio container combination. Prepare to be inspired!

Do you have a shady spot in the garden?

What perennials will work in a sunny spot.


Ruffles™ Red

Learn about the new Proven Winners shade annuals that will be available for the first time in garden centers in the spring of 2015.

Learn which perennials thrive in shade.

We’ve got you covered!

Learn about drought tolerant perennials.

New plants are the life's blood of any plant company and our outstanding new varieties are sure to find homes in your garden.

Flowers come in many colors and many forms.  One often overlooked type are flowers that feature more than one color.  These Bicolored blooms can be a great addition to any garden.

Showing 1 - 10 of 29.
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