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Lo & Behold 'Blue Chip' Buddleia (butterfly bush)

This article covers plants great for landscape plantings.

Make your garden shine, even in winter.

Photos from Kerry's garden throughout 2009.

Oso Easy Cherry Pie Rose

Spring is such an exciting time of the year, especially in the garden. After a long, grey winter, spring flowers offer a much needed dose of color.  Here are a few especially interesting shrub varieties that will add color and excitement to your garden:

Adding compost to your garden is one of the best things you can do for your plants. If compost ingredients are carefully mixed you can create compost in a matter of weeks not months. This article explains how.

Attracting birds to your garden is as easy as planting shrubs that birds are drawn today.


The variety of hummingbird attracted to a garden is dependent on the regional area.

Showing 21 - 27 of 27.
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