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Meet the 2019 National Plants of the Year

Ready to grow a gorgeous garden? Start with these top award-winning annuals, perennials and shrubs which are ready to flourish in your containers and landscape. 

Ready to grow a gorgeous garden? Start with these top award-winning annuals, perennials and shrubs which are ready to flourish in your containers and landscape. Retailers across North America are stocking up on all of the National Plants of the Year for 2019.

National Plants of the Year are selected by these criteria:

  • Easy to Grow - It shouldn’t take an expert to grow beautiful flowers.
  • Outstanding in containers and landscapes - Delivers a knockout performance in containers and landscapes.
  • Readily Available - Easy to find locally or online.
  • Iconic - Possesses an iconic style and performance unmatched by lookalikes 

Check out all of our National Plants of the Year below, then head on over to find detailed planting and growing advice for each at


Easy, versatile and fun are three reasons you’ll want to grow Lemon Coral. This spiky-yet-soft succulent forms a thick carpet of glowing chartreuse to granny smith apple green foliage that just begs to be touched. Watch it spill down the sides of your containers and fill your garden with amazing texture and color all season with little more than sunshine required.

'Autumn Frost' 

Have a shady spot that could use a little brightening? Watch how the buttery yellow and sea blue-green leaves of this distinctive hosta glow as it grows in the shadow of tall trees. Try it once and you’ll see how easy it is to pick ‘Autumn Frost’ out of the crowd.

'Berry Awesome'

Want to be the envy of your neighborhood? Grow dinner plate-sized flowers! Even if you live in chilly zone 4 (-30°F), it’s easy to grow this tropical-looking beauty. Just add sunshine and water, then watch it thrive. 



Rugged beauty is the best way to describe this refined native shrub. If you have a spot in your landscape you struggle to fill, Low Scape® Mound is ready to step up to the plate and serve up a stellar performance. You’ll see white flowers in spring, dark purple fruit that follows, and brilliant red foliage in fall. 


Receiving more accolades than any rose we grow, you too will be saying “At Last!” You’ve finally found a hardy, disease resistant landscape rose that’s filled with the heady fragrance so many modern roses lack. Watch its fully petaled, soft peach blossoms unfurl from late spring to frost.

Hydrangea paniculata

Some varieties are so extraordinary, they set the bar by which all others are measured. For us, that’s Fire Light®. This remarkable panicle hydrangea boasts a perfect habit, boatloads of blooms, and the strongest shift from white to deep pomegranate red flowers of any we’ve seen. In a sea of hydrangeas, this is one you just can’t miss.

Weigela florida

With so many incredible flowering shrubs to choose from, how could we possibly pick just one? We’re highlighting our entire Sonic Bloom® series of five reblooming weigelas this year. Choose from Pearl, Ghost, Pink, Pure Pink or Red, then watch them shower your garden with pollinator-friendly blossoms in spring, summer and fall.


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