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2020 Annual of the Year – Diamond Collection

Meet the sparkling trio that adds a delightful splash of bright white to patio containers, hanging baskets and landscapes as it blooms non-stop from spring to frost. You’ll find it everywhere beginning Spring 2020 when it debuts as our Annual of the Year collection.


Diamond Frost®

Diamond Mountain®


2020 Annual of the Year
The Diamond Collection of Euphorbia

Sometimes a group of plants is just too fabulous to pick one variety! Meet the trio of Diamond Euphorbia from Proven Winners.

Why three? Each variety in the Diamond Collection bears similar wispy white flowers, but their application is where they diverge. Here’s how they compare:

  • Diamond Frost® Euphorbia is a classic style with an airy habit. It mingles beautifully with other medium vigor companions in hanging baskets and upright containers. Its single flowers and more open habit provide a subtle touch of white to break up masses of deeper colors in combinations. Height: 12-18”
  • Diamond Snow Euphorbia, the newest member of the collection, can also be paired with other medium vigor companions in hanging baskets and upright containers, but its habit is different than Diamond Frost. Its branching is much denser and its flowers are double, giving it a stronger, brighter presence in combinations. Height: 12-18”
  • Diamond Mountain® Euphorbia is a super-sized variety that was selected to compete with our most vigorous annuals like Supertunia Vista® It is spectacular in extra-large hanging baskets and upright containers. It’s also great for the landscape, where it will grow to be the size of a small shrub in a single season. Height: 24-36”


Home Gardener Care Tips

Diamond Euphorbia might appear to be delicate but looks can be deceiving. They are actually tough as nails! From North to South and coast to coast, they thrive in sun, shade, heat, drought and poor soil. They are self-cleaning, so no deadheading is needed to keep them in bloom from spring to frost.

While most Euphorbias grows best in sun to part sun conditions, you’ll be surprised how much shade they can handle. Though they will be fuller with more flowers in sun, they also bloom well in shade where their habit will be somewhat looser.

These are not plants you’ll want to fuss over. They grow best without much supplemental water and in lean soils, so you won’t need to fertilize weekly like you do with many other annual flowers. Euphorbias are very self-sufficient. You shouldn’t need to do much pruning to keep them in shape, but they can be trimmed at any time if needed.

How does the Annual of the Year program work?

With so many new plants being introduced each year, picking out the best for your garden can be a mindboggling experience. Gardeners want beautiful plants that will live up to their picture in the catalog, and retailers want to offer reliable plants with which their customers will experience success. With that aim in mind, we created the National Plant of the Year program which includes the Annual of the Year as well as six other categories. (Find them all here.)

The Making of a Champion

The National Plants of the Year are never chosen at random. To reach this highest designation, Proven Winners annuals, perennials and shrubs must meet a strict set of criteria including:

  1. Easy to Grow - Easy for both growers and gardeners to grow. It shouldn’t take an expert to grow beautiful flowers.
  2. Iconic - Easily recognizable at a glance, the National Plants of the Year have an iconic style unmatched by lookalikes.
  3. Readily Available - These plants are easy to find locally or online. We announce the National Plants of the Year well in advance so retailers can be sure to stock their benches with these popular plants.
  4. Perfect for Baskets and Containers - The Annual of the Year grows beautifully in hanging baskets as well as upright patio containers and window boxes.
  5. Outstanding Landscape Performance - Not just for containers, these plants also deliver a knockout performance when planted in landscapes.  


Want to learn more? Check out our website dedicated to the National Plant of the Year program: and explore our Pinterest board.


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