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Julie's Garden 2010

Photos from Julie's garden near San Diego.

Contributors: Julie Rader, Kerry Meyer

Photos from Julie's garden near San Diego.

Julie, her husband John and their children live and garden near San Diego, California.  Julie also shares her garden with her beloved Bassett hound, Buddy.  Julie's garden is her sanctuary.  She loves having a ton of color and puts a premium on plants that add movement to her garden.  She will periodically add photos of her garden throughout the season.  You can also view photos of Kerry's and Dave's gardens.

Julie and Buddy relaxing in their garden.

June 29

I am learning so much about my garden. Boy did I make some mistakes this year!
I will tell you that I am amazed at our plants. They are such great performers. They are so BIG!
I had no idea that I would be over run by flowers! 

Senorita Rosalita® Cleome is huge!  The white in the photo on the right is Snow Princess® Lobularia which is new this year and doing great too.

This colorful bed borders one our sidewalks.  It is a knock ou!


Supertunia®Vista bubblegum is fighting with everyone. You can see that It mounds so beautifully.
I can't even get into the center to pull the weeds that have sprung up!

The Supertunia®Vista bubblegum under the table idea is working great. It is a definite conversation piece.

GoldDust® Mecardonia (new for 2011) is a fantastic border plant. It has filled in so nicely.

The big excitement though is our Daisy May® Leucanthemum.  I can not tell you how beautiful it is. People are really amazed at it.
The photo I have is of 1 plant. He is really happy, and is blooming all the time. We call him the Happy Plant. 

Which one will take over the sidewalk first?!

May 7

I just love these Dianthus - Devon Cottage and Cinnamon Red Hots (center front of the photo with the blue-green foliage). They are long and lean and the blooms stay. I love how the wind moves them.  You can also see how full the Snow Princess® Lobularia is (front, right).

These are my grow boxes in the background.  They are new this year and are filled with vegetables.  Senorita Rosalita® Cleome is another one of those I call wind catchers (the tall, spiky, rose-pink plant in the middle foreground). It makes my garden come alive with movement.


These are one of my favorites. Even though deadheading can be a bit of a chore the results and worth it. The Ravers Pink Sugar Arctotis.  Orange is a hard color to place in the garden but so worth using. With this flower orange is combined with pink and yellow  - a great way to try orange in your garden while easily combining it with yellow, pink and/or purple used nearby!

Supertunia® Royal Velvet Petunia has such a rich velvet texture and deep color (the deep purple at the edge of the bed). I love it next to the Broadway Lights Leucanthemum and against The Ravers Pink Sugar Arctotis.   In the back you can see one of my new favorites this year - a Buddleia! This one is English ButterflyPurple Emperor (the tall plant in the center). It really does add color and attracts the butterflies.  I just love its long branches.  Movement is important to me.

This is a new ground cover I tried this year - GoldDust Mecardonia. amazing. It is about 3 weeks old. I think another month and it will be all filled in. This photo does not do it justice in regards to the color - it is a bright vibrant yellow.  A real winner.

The garden is in full bloom now. Everyone is fighting for some space to be seen!

I was told that Supertunia®Vista bubblegum (the river of hot pink in this photo) did not like to share the limelight and it is very true. This plant loves to take over. She is very bossy. I had to give her a hair cut last week! It is amazing that it did not affect her in any way. She is still growing!

April 3


I like gardens packed with lots of color and texture.  Since I live in Southern California my garden is going when most people are still waiting for spring.  By Easter my beds were aleady backed with color.  In the background of the photo you can see my brand new raised vegetable beds.

This is an island bed which can be viewed from all sides.  I am using primarily a purple and pink color scheme in this bed with yellow, white and a bit of orange as accents.

This is another view of the bed shown above.

I have herbaceous beds along the edge of the backyard.  These beds are a mix of perennials and annuals.  I love the lush look of these beds.

Senorita Rosalita® Cleome hybrid 'Inncleosr' PP: 19733 Can. Can.: 3290;  Snow Princess® Lobularia hybrid 'Inlbusnopr' PPAF Can. PBRAF; Supertunia® Vista Bubblegum Petunia hybrid 'USTUNI6001' PP: 17730 Can. Can.: 2871; GoldDust Mecardonia hybrid 'USMECA8205' PPAF Can. PBRAF; Daisy May® Leucanthemum 'Daisy Duke' PPAF Can. PBRAF; Supertunia® Royal Velvet Petunia hybrid 'Kakegawa S28' PP: 13887 Can. Can.: 1039;  Broadway Lights Leucanthemum superbum 'Leumayel' PP: 19242 Can. Can.: 3028;

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Anonymous Sat, 05/04/2013 - 4:44pm

I am super impressed with the health, harmonizing array of colors, and the attention to detail in your garden(s). You really put your heart and soul in these garden(s) and it shows. What beautiful awe inspiring creations.

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