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Trends in Gardening

Less is more for today's gardener! Read this article for more gardening trends.

The patchwork quilt look is out, garden designs based on a single or similar colors are more appealing and make a more dramatic statement.  Gardeners now use their outdoor spaces as an extensions of their homes and design style.  Now that 'less is more' is the look for interior design, we're seeing the same thing in gardening. The other big trend is to have a garden in which the plants are especially fragrant, fun to touch, or have some other quality that appeals to our senses. Gardeners are also growing plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.


The popularity of monochromatic color schemes, especially for containers, is in part a reaction to the container craze itself.  With any new trend, people go a bit overboard at first.  Combinations can be incredibly beautiful, but not when they are just a bunch of plants chosen at random. It takes talent to create a good combination planter. For some great combination recipes, click here. But anyone can create a great monoculture container. I recently saw a container that was nothing more than a large pot filled with 'Laguna Sky Blue' Lobelia. It was simple but gorgeous.  All white gardens are still in favor, as are blues and purples. But warm colors are just as popular.  'Superbells® Tropical Sunrise' Calibrachoa is a mix of red, orange, and yellow, and every flower on the plant is slightly different.

Laguna Sky Blue


Specialized plantings such as butterfly gardens are a way for people to express their individuality and reconnect with nature. Gardens are sanctuaries, both for the gardeners and for the birds and insects with which we share them.  And gardening is a hobby that anyone can enjoy. All it takes is a plant, soil, light, and water. It may consist of a windowsill in a high rise apartment building, but if it has those four things it's still a garden.

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heglie06's picture
heglie06 Sun, 03/11/2012 - 11:31am

I like the less is more concept. Coming from the city, I am learning through trial and error, one plant (less), but in a larger quantity (more) is easier to see from a distance.
Glad to know my planter store Is as close as my barn! Let's go shopping!

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