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Reach YOUR Local Pandora Listeners by Joining Connect+




Enhanced and Elite CONNECT+ U.S. retailers have the opportunity to target local garden enthusiasts within a 20-mile radius of their garden center’s zip code with Pandora internet radio ads. Laura from Garden Answer is the voice behind all of our Pandora ads, and she will mention your garden center’s name and city (if desired) at the end of your customized ad.

A bonus banner ad which runs with the Pandora radio ad online will include your company logo and link to your website or Facebook page. Pandora ads run from late April through early June in most markets, though the timing can be shifted earlier for warmer markets.

 BENEFITS > Enhanced – 3 week ad run/15K impressions; Elite – 6 week ad run/30K impressions

Upgrade this benefit by adding 1wk/ 5K impressions for $75.

  • We will target gardeners within a 20-mile radius of your garden center’s zip code,or you can provide us with a specific zip code.

  • Your garden center will receive a minimum of 21,875 audio impressions.

  • As a BONUS, your garden center will receive 3,200 banner impressions.This can include your company logo and an active link to your website or Facebook page.

    Will my garden center be mentioned in the commercial or only shown on the banner ad?
    Your garden center will be mentioned in the commercial, and your company logo will appear in the digital banner ad. The banner ad will also include a link to your website or Facebook page if provided.

    Can I customize my commercial?
    No, however, we will include your garden center name and city (if desired) at the end of your commercial.

    Will I have an opportunity to hear my commercial before the campaign starts?

    Can I run my campaign in multiple zip codes?
    Absolutely! You can run a campaign in as many zip codes as you would like, however we’d suggest you upgrade your account by adding 5K more impressions for $75 for each zip code.

    I have multiple retail locations. Do I need to run a campaign in each location?
    If there is a zip code whose 20-mile radius will cover multiple locations, you can use that zip code. Or you can expand the radius of your campaign.

    My garden center is in a rural area. What are my options?
    This is a very flexible campaign. You have a couple of options to make the most of it.
    • You can choose a nearby zip code that would include most of your target customer base.
    • You can expand your campaign radius to 30, or even 40 miles, to include a more populous area.

    What are the demographics for this campaign?
    This campaign is targeting 85% female and 15% male, ages 35-64.

    Can I use Key Account points to pay for the campaign?

    Why haven't I heard my commercial? I've heard the Proven Winners commercial, but not the one with my garden center name included.
    You may not hear your specific commercial as Proven Winners has purchased many more impressions in your area.  Therefore, your commercial will rotate with Proven Winners national commercial and perhaps with other local reatailers if any participated.

    Your logo will appear on your ad and
    will be an active link to your website.


    This product is an upgrade benefit of the CONNECT+ marketing program for Independent Garden Centers. Visit CONNECT+ for program details.



     Listen to these Pandora commercials for an example of the commercials that ran across the United States in 2018.

    National Proven Winners ColorChoice commercial:

    Proven Winners ColorChoice Rose commercial:

    Proven Winners ColorChoice Hydrangea commercial:


    Participating Garden Centers:

Achille Agway
Allisonville Home & Garden by Sullivan
Araujo Farms & Greenhouses
Badding Farm Market & Garden Center
Barlow Flower Farm
Bayside Garden Center
Broadway Gardens
Cerbo's Parsippany Greenhouses
Columbia nursery
Creekside Nursery, Inc
Danville Gardens Inc
Del's Garden Center, Inc.
Depot Farm Stand and Gift Shop
East Coast Garden Center
Effinger Garden Center
Elders Ace Hardware
English Gardens
Evans Nursery
Everett's Gardens
Fran's Flowers
Garden Crossings
Garden Gateway
Gibbs Garden Center
Graziano Gardens
Green Valley Growers, Inc.
Greendell Landscape Solutions
Guilford Garden Center
Guini Ridge Farm
Hagan Ace Hardware
Hawks Greenhouse
Highland Farm
Hook's Greenhouse
Hyannis Country Garden
K & W Greenery
KB Landscape Supply, Inc.
Kennedy's Country Gardens
Koetsiers Inc.
La Grange Park Ace Garden Center
Lockwood's Garden Center

Martin's Home & Garden
Moscow & Pullman Building Supply
Moss Greenhouses
My Secret Garden
Nature's Corner
Parran's Greenhouse & Farm
Pender Pines Garden Center Inc.
Piala's Nursery & Garden Shop, Inc.
Piechnik Greenhouse
Plumline Nursery
Redmond's Garden, Landscape & Gift Center
Reiff’s Nursery and Greenhouses
Reston Farm Garden Market
Rhodes Greenhouses
Rolling Green Nursery
Romence Gardens and Greenhouse
Sandy's Back Porch
Sapper's Market & Greenhouses
Schroeder's Flowers
Silverstone Gardens
Southern Scapes Landscaping & Garden Center
Spring Garden Farms Inc.
Stakey's Flower House
Suburban Lawn & Garden
Sunny Valley Farms, LLC
Sunnypoint Gardens
The Gazebo at New Garden Landscaping & Nursery
The Plant Connection LLC
Valley View Nursery
Van Wilgen's Garden Center
Wagner Nursery & Landscape Co
Wallace's Garden Center
Wasco Nursery & Garden Center
Waters Garden Center/Waters Hardware
White Oak Gardens
Wildwood Nursery & Garden Center
Windsors Nursery


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