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B,C (5.8 - 6.5)
Low (100 - 150 ppm)
Dry to Moderate
A (55 - 60º Fahrenheit)
7 (55 - 60º Fahrenheit)

Late Spring Finish. 1 ppp.

Starting Materials: 
Bare Roots
6" and Gallon Pot : 8-12

Do not pinch. Pinching can remove emerging flowers. Growth regulators may be helpful under low light conditions, however, under high light and good air movement growth regulators may not be necessary. Baptisia are vigorous growers coming out of dormancy and can become overgrown quickly, early in the crop cycle. Monitor growth carefully. Drenching the plants with 6-10 ppm Bonzi when they are 6 inches tall will effectively control plant height. Drench rates will vary widely on bark based soil mixes versus peat based soil mixes. Spray applications at 30-45 ppm Bonzi are also effective, but will require multiple applications.

Baptisia have few pest and disease issues. General pest and disease practices as listed in the notes.

Grower Tips: 

-For optimum plant quality ensure high light levels and good air circulation.

-Finishing plants under cool temperatures will help control height and will intensify flower color, but may increase crop time.

-Large bare root plants will be provided and plants should bloom that same spring.

First to move outside
Cold Required
Photoperiod for Flowering: 
Day Neutral
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