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Castle Gold Blue Holly Ilex x meserveae

B (5.6 - 6.2)
B,C (0.6 - 2)
Medium,High (150 - 300 ppm)
Dry to Moderate
B (65 - 72º Fahrenheit)
A (60 - 65º Fahrenheit)
A (40 - 50º Fahrenheit)
Starting Materials: 
6" and Gallon Pot : 2.25": 12-16 weeks; Quick Turn: 12-16 weeks
10-12" and Two Gallon Pot : 2.25": 18-24 weeks
18" and Three Gallon Pot : Quick Turn: 16-20 weeks
Over Wintering Temperature: 
35 to 50 degrees - meserveae; polyhouse - verticullatas

Light prune when plant puts our new growth. Light pruning versus shearing will allow multiple prunes in one season without shutting down the plant.

Scale if grown in the field

Grower Tips: 

Prune to shape immediately after flowering. Likes high moisture, native to swampy and boggy areas. Adaptable to wet soils, does well in light and heavy soils. Fertilize in early spring by applying a slow release fertilizer specialized for trees and shrubs. Follow the label for recommended rates of application. Protect from winter wind and sun in cold (Zone 5) climates. Must be planted near a pollinator like Castle Wall in order to produce berries. Protect from harsh winter winds and sun.

Cold Required

Plants associated with this Culture:

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