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B (5.8 - 6.2)
B (0.6 - 0.9)
Low (100 - 150 ppm)
Moderate to Moist
B (65 - 72º Fahrenheit)
B,C,4 (65 - 72º Fahrenheit)
C (65 - 72º Fahrenheit)

Spring through Summer Finish. Standard PPP.

4-5" and Quart Pot : 5-6
6" and Gallon Pot : 7-9
7-9" Pot : 10-12
10-12" and Two Gallon Pot : 13-15

Pinching not needed. PGRs not needed.

General pest and disease practices as listed in notes. Insects: Watch for aphids. Diseases:

Grower Tips: 

Avoid allowing plant to dry to the point of wilting as this will cause leaf drop. Cold temperatures can cause the foliage to whiten.

Do not move outside
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