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Powdery Mildew – Verbena Report

The following table is from a trial that Margery conducted in 2007 showing the percentage of foliage covered with powdery mildew for a variety of verbena cultivars after a three month period.

Verbena PM Study 2007- Courtesy of Margery Daughtrey, Cornell University

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No.VarietyPlant SourcePM Cover(%)
1Verbena 'Lanai Lavendar Star'GoldFisch by Goldsmith Seeds17.7
11Verbena 'Red Fox Empress Pink'Dummen54.5
5Verbena 'Rapunzel Hot Rose'GoldFisch by Goldsmith Seeds53.3
3Verbena 'Lanai Red '07'GoldFisch by Goldsmith Seeds37.4
24Verbena 'PW Babylon Neon Rose'Proven Winners33.6
23Verbena 'Aztec White'Ball FloraPlant30.0
6Verbena 'Rapunzel Violet 06'GoldFisch by Goldsmith Seeds28.8
2Verbena 'Lanai Bright Pink'GoldFisch by Goldsmith Seeds26.8
9Verbena 'Red Fox Empress Burgundy'Dummen23.2
4Verbena 'Royal Purple w/ Eye'GoldFisch by Goldsmith Seeds23.1
14Verbena 'Lascar , Hot Rose, Kleve'Selecta/Sunshine Ghse19.3
20Verbena 'Aztec Red Velvet'Ball FloraPlant18.4
25Verbena 'PW Babylon White'Proven Winners17.0
12Verbena 'Red Fox Empress Purple Impr.'Dummen16.6
18Verbena, 'Lascar , Purple'Selecta/Sunshine Ghse14.2
21Verbena 'Wildfire Dark Purple'Ball FloraPlant13.9
 8 Verbena 'Lanai Upright Magenta' GoldFisch by Goldsmith Seeds12.5
13 Verbena 'Red Fox Empress Dark Red' Dummen11.8
31 Verbena 'Tukana Raspberry' Proven Winners8.6
16 Verbena, 'Lascar , Dark Blue' Selecta/Sunshine Ghse7.9
22 Verbena 'Aztec Violet' Ball FloraPlant5.1
17 Verbena, 'Laskar , Light Pink' Selecta/Sunshine Ghse4.9
10 Verbena 'Red Fox Empress Strawberry' Dummen4.5
30  Verbena ''Tukana Deep Red' Proven Winners3.8
27 Superbena PW 'Burgundy' Proven Winners2.1
 28 Superbena PW 'Dark Blue' Proven Winners1.4
 15 Verbena 'Lascar White' Selecta/Sunshine Ghse0.7
7 Verbena 'Rapunzel Lilac GoldFisch by Goldsmith Seeds0.0
19 Verbena 'Aztec Dark Red' Ball FloraPlant0.0
26Superbena PW 'Coral'Proven Winners0.0
29Superbena PW 'Pink Shades'Proven Winners0.0


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