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Plant Trials

Every plant in America is subject to at least one weather- or critter-related problem.
What few gardeners realize, however is that these problems can be avoided by selecting
plants that are more suitable for the specific region you live in. That's where trials
come in!

Trials are the plant industry's way of measuring how well a particular variety will
perform in different parts of the country and evaluating new plant varieties.  There are
two kinds of trials:  University field trials which generally consist of beds where each
plant is grown in a small plot (called a row trial), and public gardens, where plants are
often put in display beds or pots.  Proven Winners sends plant material to both kinds of
trials nationwide, and also conducts their own trials at test sites across North America.

By visiting a trial in your area, you will be able to see how plants perform in an
environment similar to your own.  For instance, if there is a new Verbena that is tolerant
to mildew, gardeners in the Midwest and Southeast would like to know about it. And while all
PW varieties perform well in a range of environments, there will always be some that are
better suited to certain regions than others.

Use our search function to find trial locations in your area where Proven Winner plants
can be viewed and start your journey to a garden that is not only beautiful but also
the longest-lasting!

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