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Growing lush green houseplants is one way we can all bring nature inside to enjoy even on coldest days of the year. Staying connected to and nurturing plants year-round is the aim of our new leafjoy collection. It provides flourishing, healthy foliage that you can surround yourself with in your indoor living spaces, kitchen, powder room, home office or any other nook that could use a little splash of green.

To make it easy to choose the best plants for the spaces you have, we’ve identified four collections within the leafjoy line, all based upon indoor growing conditions. Whether you have high or low light, humid spaces or just a sliver of space to spare on your desk, there is a perfect leafjoy plant for you.

Available nationwide and across Canada at The Home Depot®.

Find leafjoy® at a Local Garden Center near you.


leafjoy® littles – Good Things Grow in Small Packages

leafjoy littles are the latest addition to the Proven Winners houseplant lineup. The same premium genetics and Collection-specific varieties are now sold in irresistible 9cm containers, making them a perfect choice for novice plant parents desiring to nurture and learn about houseplants without the pressure of caring for larger, more expensive plants.

Click here to see the varieties currently available as leafjoy littles.

leafjoy® H2O® – The Easiest Houseplants You Will Ever Own

We’ve often heard that caring for houseplants can be intimidating, so we’ve developed leafjoy H2O hydroponic bottle gardens to take the fear out of owning indoor plants. With an ever-expanding assortment of decorative containers to choose from, this unique and innovative bottle garden concept is perfect for plant parents from novice to experienced and everyone in between.

leafjoy H2O will be the easiest houseplants you will ever own, requiring little more than adding water to the container once per month or when the vessel is almost empty. They can be used in any light conditions, such as on a windowsill, desk, nightstand, bath or kitchen counters – anywhere you would like to bring a touch of nature indoors. With just a little care, leafjoy H2O varieties can be expected to thrive for six months to a year or longer. They also make special yet affordable gifts for teachers, employees, neighbors, friends, and family.

Learn more about the entire leafjoy H20® collection


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