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leafjoy bring nature inside

Houseplants have never been hotter, so Proven Winners has launched a new line of premium genetics - allowing you to bring nature inside. The leafjoy collection of plants are clean, virus free plants with a polished presentation. The collection consists of 120+ varieties in 20 genera. We’ve created several "use" collections that cover every use from the shelf in a bright home office to the nightstand in a bedroom and every room in between.


Check here to see if your Local Garden Center or The Home Depot® is carrying leafjoy

Atrium Collection
High light plants for brightly lit spaces

Cocoon Collection
Low light plants for interior rooms

WorkLife Collection
Space-saving plants for desks and tabletop

SpaScene Collection
Humidity-loving plants for bathrooms


H2O Collection
The art of growing plants in water – hydroponics – provides a way to enjoy not only the leaf canopy but also to see the plant develop in the clear glass vessel. A sense of fulfillment comes from watching the roots grow and fill the space over time, something you couldn’t see if you were growing the same plants in pots. Plus there is zero maintenance for months The H20 collection comes in two formats, H20 Mini and
H20 Bowl.



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