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leafjoy® bring nature inside

Growing lush green houseplants is one way we can all bring nature inside to enjoy even on coldest days of the year. Staying connected to and nurturing plants year-round is the aim of our new leafjoy collection. It provides flourishing, healthy foliage that you can surround yourself with in your indoor living spaces, kitchen, powder room, home office or any other nook that could use a little splash of green.

To make it easy to choose the best plants for the spaces you have, we’ve identified four collections within the leafjoy line, all based upon indoor growing conditions. Whether you have high or low light, humid spaces or just a sliver of space to spare on your desk, there is a perfect leafjoy plant for you.

Do you have children or pets that love to dig in your potted plants? Choose our leafjoy H2O line of hydroponic houseplants instead. There’s no soil to spill, and leafjoy H2O Minis keep foliage out of reach. 

Check here to see if your The Home Depot® or Local Garden Center is carrying leafjoy®.


leafjoy H2O® Collection
The art of growing plants in water – hydroponics – provides a way to enjoy not only the leaf canopy but also to see the plant develop in the clear glass vessel. A sense of fulfillment comes from watching the roots grow and fill the space over time, something you couldn’t see if you were growing the same plants in pots. Plus, there is zero maintenance for months.
The leafjoy H20 collection comes in two sizes, H20 Mini and
H20 Bowl.


Houseplant growing guides and inspiration:

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