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When will my leafjoy houseplants arrive? 

Your home delivery of leafjoy plants will arrive in one to two weeks after you place your order.


What should I do when opening and unboxing my leafjoy plants?

Soil-based leafjoy plants: Unwrap the plant, water it, then place it in the amount of light that has been recommended for it.  


leafjoy H20 plants: Your open-cork hydroponic leafjoy H2O houseplants are shipped without water, so please unbox them as soon as possible. Upon receipt, fill the glass vessel with distilled water to a depth of approximately one inch below the cork. If distilled water is not available, bottled water is the next best option. Tap or city water will do in a pinch. The cork is designed to remain in place, so carefully pour the water through the hole in the top of it. Empty and replenish the water every one to two months or if the water becomes discolored.


What kind of water should I use?

Distilled water is the best kind to use for both soil-based and leafjoy H2O houseplants. If distilled water is not available, bottled water is the next best option. Tap or city water will do in a pinch.


Where in my house should I grow my leafjoy houseplants?

Soil-based and leafjoy H20 houseplants prefer filtered light. They should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent the leaves from burning. Requirements for light intensity vary depending on the type of plant. Terms to describe light levels generally include high light, bright indirect light, moderate light or low light. The intensity of natural indoor light depends on the location in your home. Learn more about where to place your plant indoors.


How often should I water my leafjoy H2O houseplants?

Watering every other month should be plenty unless you notice the water level is low or becoming discolored. Keeping the cork in place, gently pour the water out through the hole in the top of the cork. The cork is designed to remain in place. Fill the glass vessel with distilled water to a depth of approximately one inch below the cork. Simply empty and replenish the water every one to two months if it becomes discolored.


How often should I water my soil-based leafjoy houseplants?

Water your potted houseplants according to their individual needs. The frequency will vary depending on the type of plant, temperature and humidity in your home. One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is overwatering. To check to see if your plant needs water, stick your finger into the soil to a depth of about one to two inches. If the soil feels dry, water your plant. Allow the soil to dry down a bit in between waterings until you learn your new plant's needs.


What room temperature is best for leafjoy houseplants?

Most indoor houseplants originate from warm tropical climates. Average home temperatures are suitable for most houseplants, with an ideal range of 60-75 degrees F.

What humidity levels are best for leafjoy houseplants?

Indoor air can be dry, particularly during the winter when heating systems are operating. Dry air can result in shriveled, wilted, curling, yellow or brown foliage. The optimal humidity range for most leafjoy houseplants is 40 to 60 percent.


Do I need to fertilize my leafjoy houseplants?

Hydroponic leafjoy H2O houseplants should not be fertilized. This type of virtually carefree houseplant requires no care other than adding fresh distilled water every one to two months.


Potted leafjoy houseplants do benefit from small amounts of fertilizer. Feed them once per month at half strength when they are actively growing. Reduce frequency of fertilization in the winter months. If no new leaves are growing, the plant does not need to be fertilized.


I just bought a leafjoy H2O Venti bowl and it has no care instructions. How do I care for it?

This virtually carefree houseplant can be placed anywhere in your home that receives indirect light. It requires no care other than adding fresh distilled water every one to two months.


Can I repot my leafjoy H2O plant once it outgrows the bowl?

Plants in leafjoy H20 bowls will grow for one to two years before their roots will need a light trim. The plant should remain in the original leafjoy H2O container since the cork and vessel shape are specifically engineered for this growing purpose.


What soil should I use when repotting my soil-based plants?

Soil-based leafjoy plants are growing in a peat moss-hydrafiber mix. These potted plants can be repotted into fresh potting soil if you desire. We recommend a peat moss-perlite mix (80% peat/20% perlite) which is readily available wherever potting soil is sold.


I can’t remove the cork on my leafjoy H2O plant. What should I do? 

Leave the cork on your leafjoy H2O houseplants. The cork and vessel shape have been specifically engineered for this growing purpose and are meant to be kept in place for the life of the plant. When you need to add water or pour out discolored water, simply pour the water through the opening in the cork.


My leafjoy H2O cork is broken. What should I do?

Once the cork is removed from your leafjoy H2O container, it may no longer be safe due to its engineering. The entire unit should be disposed of safely. If you would like to save the plant, you can place it in a different container of distilled water and continue to care for it that way.  


Can I add a small fish to the water in my leafjoy H2O vessel?

No, please do not add anything to the container other than water.


Is it safe to grow leafjoy H2O houseplants around my pets and children?

Do not ingest any part of any leafjoy houseplant. Please refer to the ASCPA website and contact your veterinarian with specific questions and concerns regarding plants that are safe for pets.


I see a few pests around my leafjoy houseplants. What should I do?

If you notice pests around your houseplants, a light mist of neem oil spray or insecticidal soap should cure what ails it. Nothing, including fertilizers, should be added to the distilled water of leafjoy H2O houseplants.


How should I stake my climbing houseplant?

Staking a houseplant is easily done with a bamboo stake and loose twine. For plants with heavier branches, use a moss pole and twist ties or Velcro strips. Take care not to pinch the stems or tie them up too tightly or they could stop growing and water could be inhibited from moving through the plant.


Which leafjoy houseplants will grow in a dark corner?

All houseplants need some light but try our lowest light-tolerating houseplants in the leafjoy Cocoon collection.  Adding a small grow light for a few hours a day will help to keep your plants happy and healthy if they are growing in a dark corner. 


Where can I buy leafjoy houseplants?

Find leafjoy houseplants online or in stores at The Home Depot and select local garden centers.


Can I buy leafjoy houseplants online?

Yes, we now sell a limited selection of leafjoy houseplants online at


How do I know which leafjoy houseplants are for me? 

Houseplants, like people, have unique personalities and needs. Some are easy-going and can live anywhere while others thrive on a schedule. Some are stubborn and dramatic when they don’t get their way or their water. We understand that plants flourish when adopted by plant parents whose personalities and attentiveness align with their needs. Learn how to pick your perfect houseplant


How long will my leafjoy H2O houseplants last?

These easy-care houseplants typically live for one to two years, but we have seen some thrive for much longer. 

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