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Exclusive Marketing Solutions for IGCs

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Marketing service exclusively for our IGC customers that aims to make your life easier while putting the power of the Proven Winners brand to work for your business. Subscribe to our Proven Winners CONNECT+ program at your preferred level, from the free Getting Started option to our premium Elite level, and let our marketing experts get to work for you.

Once you have subscribed, you will start to see the benefits included in your selected package roll in. Our CONNECT+ marketing specialist will guide you through the process to ensure you maximize these valuable opportunities to connect with your customers.

To see your favorite benefits and learn more about each subscription level for certified retailers click on the tabs at the top of the page.

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Subscribe online:
You must be logged into the user account that lists the retail locations you wish to subscribe. 2021 CONNECT+ Subscription Step-by-Step Instructions

 PDF sign-up forms: USA or CANADA

NEW Free Facebook Ad Campaig
(Sign up deadline: March 31, 2022)
4 week
4 week
4 week
4 week
4 week
NEW Free Find a Retailer ListingX
 X   X X X
Proven Winners Photo Library AccessX X   X  X X
Subscription to Retailer NewsletterX X   X  X X
Proven Winners Certified Garden CenterX X   X  X X
Prioritized Find a Retailer Listing  X   X  X X
Proven Winners University  X X   X  X X
Free Pizza PartyXX  X  X X
Free Proven Winners T-Shirts or Hats  X X   X  X X
Gardener’s Idea Book with Your Logo Added 1 case
(without logo)
2 case
(200 books)
5 case
(500 books)
10 case
(1000 books)
Professional Store Merchandise $50 coupon$75 coupon$150 coupon$200 coupon
PowerPoint Presentations   X X X
Facebook Graphics with Your Logo Added  15 graphics25 graphics45 graphics
Canva Pro Subscription
Connect+ Video System   XX
Custom Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign   5 weeks8 weeks
Customized Streaming Ad Campaign   3 weeks6 weeks
Eligible for Inventory Listing on   XX
Garden Design Retailer Listing   XX
Custom Garden Answer Videos    Up to 5 videos

Subscription cost






CONNECT+ Subscription Orders - Contact Sandy: 815-895-1872 or
General CONNECT+ Assistance - Contact Kara: 815-895-0104 or


X - The Certified Program has ended for 2022 and the rewards are no longer available. The program runs from February 1 through May 2 each year. You can still watch the video and take the test by downloading the PDFs.

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