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Exclusive Marketing Solutions for IGCs

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2023 CONNECT+ Subscription - Step-by-Step Instructions


Marketing service exclusively for our IGC customers that aims to make your life easier while putting the power of the Proven Winners brand to work for your business. Subscribe to our Proven Winners CONNECT+ program at your preferred level, from the free Getting Started option to our premium Elite level, and let our marketing experts get to work for you.

Once you have subscribed, you will start to see the benefits included in your selected package roll in. Our CONNECT+ marketing specialist will guide you through the process to ensure you maximize these valuable opportunities to connect with your customers.

To see your favorite benefits and learn more about each subscription level for certified retailers click on the tabs at the top of the page.

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2023 Online Subscription:

2023 CONNECT+ Subscription - Step-by-Step Instructions.

2023 PDF sign-up forms: USA or CANADA



Together we can accomplish more. Join Proven Winners in their co-op marketing program, CONNECT+. Proven Winners covers more than 70% of the costs associated with your marketing program We also highlight your garden center as the trusted source for Proven Winners products and knowledge. Learn more at

CONNECT+ Subscription Orders - Contact Sandy: 815-895-1872 or
General CONNECT+ Assistance - Contact Karin: 815-895-0104 or, IGC Support Manager
CONNECT+ Managers -  Jessica DeGraaf, Director of Retail Accounts or Heather Poire, Retail Account Manage


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