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Reinventing Houseplants

Houseplants have never been hotter. Yet, IGCs are still struggling to find clean, premium genetics in reasonable quantities to fill their displays. Now, there’s a better way to meet this market opportunity. Together with The Plant Company, we are bringing innovative leafjoy houseplants to market and backing them up with our industry-leading consumer marketing efforts.

POLISHED PLANTS READY TO SELLleafjoy hanging baskets

From the moment you unload your first shipment of leafjoy houseplants, you’ll spot the difference. These plants will arrive at your store shined, labeled by cultivar and ready to sell. And due to low quantity minimums, you’ll receive the right number of plants to move quickly off your retail benches.

Unmatched Quality
Working with the best genetics available worldwide, leafjoy plants are started from tissue culture and virus-indexed to assure uniformity and strong growth. State-of-the-art European greenhouses built exclusively for houseplant production feature ErfGoed floors and shade cloth to ensure consistent quality. Each leafjoy crop is grown to exact size and quality specifications which exceed those of traditional houseplant producers.

Your leafjoy plants will arrive without weeds in the pots or insect hitchhikers thanks to the meticulous way they are produced. A variety-specific plant label is included in every pot. Plants are leaf-shined before shipping, saving you a step and allowing for immediate placement on the retail floor.


Potted leafjoy plants are available in three container sizes to allow for multiple margin opportunities and retail price points. Choose from 12cm or 17cm containers. Note that the grower pots for all leafjoy plants are tan, which allows them to stand out on the retail bench.

A recent survey we conducted found that 62.5% of shoppers buy houseplants as gifts for friends and family. In response, we’ve made upgraded ceramic and jute cache pots available to support retail gift market sales.






All leafjoy houseplants can be purchased directly from The Plant Company by emailing or calling 540.487.4043. With low volume shipping and ordering, you can order the appropriate amount of leafjoy plants for your store and easily refill inventory throughout the year. Choose from our current availability or we'll work with you to craft a custom order for your store. During the winter months, we incorporate heat packs and a pallet shroud to insulate and protect your shipment from cold damage, so your plants arrive healthy and ready to sell. Your leafjoy pallets can include any combination of cases with our 12cm, 17cm, leafjoy littles and leafjoy H20® lines. Within each case, you have the option to customize the varieties to ensure a broad selection. Minimum orders start as low as ten cases.

leafjoy H20 series details


Marketing Solutions for Retailers
Marketing Solutions for Retailers

Proven Winners has long believed that A Better Garden Starts with a Better Plant.® Our leafjoy program is based on the best genetics available in the trade. It is designed to give consumers the best possible experience while providing an exciting mix of plants for retail displays to attract novice and experienced houseplant enthusiasts alike.


Large, variety-specific labels on wooden stakes are included with every leafjoy plant. You won’t find generic labels that simply state “Houseplant – for bright light” on our plants. Every leafjoy plant is clearly identified by name. Our labels make it easy for retailers to receive and merchandise leafjoy plants while also serving as variety-specific point of purchase signage. They allow staff members to quickly and easily guide shoppers or, even better, turn the leafjoy department into a self-serve shopping experience.

Every leafjoy label includes:
• Variety name including genus and species
• Lifestyle image showing the plant in use
• Collection information which guides the shopper where to use the plant in their home
• Easy to understand care information
• QR code link to learn more



Available to all customers,
standard style label included

Exclusive to IGCs,
premium label included
Exclusive to IGCs,
premium label included

See what plants are included in each of the leafjoy® selling groups- download PDF.


leafoy Collections



leafjoy Hleafjoy H2O®

The "Easiest Houseplants Consumers Will Ever Own". Consumers have told us that caring for houseplants can be intimidating, so we’ve developed leafjoy H2O hydroponic bottle gardens to take the fear out of owning indoor plants. This unique and innovative bottle garden concept has thus far resulted in remarkably strong impulse sales at retail, engaging everyone from novice to experienced plant collectors.

These plants will be the easiest houseplants your customers will ever own, requiring little more than adding water to the container once per month or when the vessel is almost empty. They can be used in any light conditions, such as on a windowsill, desk, nightstand, bath or kitchen counters – anywhere consumers would like to bring a touch of nature indoors. These plants can be expected to thrive for six months to a year or longer. leafjoy H2O products are easy to coordinate and merchandise around key gift-giving occasions and holidays using our modern POP signage and rack system. They make special yet affordable gifts for teachers, employees, neighbors, friends and family.

View the plants that are available in H20: Mini's or Bowls and Beakers




leafjoy littles 

Good Things Grow in Small Packages leafjoy littles have made a huge first impression in a small footprint since their debut in 2023. Now, we’ve expanded our offering to over 40 different varieties in the line for 2024. Sold in irresistible 9cm containers, these houseplants are easy impulse purchases for consumers looking for a lower price point. They satisfy novice plant collectors’ desires to nurture and learn about houseplants without the pressure of caring for larger, more expensive plants.

Key differentiators:

• Innovative varieties of high quality houseplants in a sampler size
• Wide assortment of colors and types for varying light levels
• Premium genetics resulting in strong, healthy plants Over 40 different varieties of leafjoy littles are currently available.

• Backed by the power of Proven Winners multi-media marketing campaigns 

Unlike other 9cm houseplants, leafy littles come with variety-specific labels that includes helpful care information. 


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