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14 Indoor Garden Ideas for Bringing Greenery into Your Home

Bring a living touch into your home by growing plants indoors

Contributors: Janet Loughrey

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Whether you live in an apartment without gardening space, or you want to grow plants year-round, there are many ways to transform your home into a lush indoor garden oasis. Plants bring a living touch to home decor, helping to improve your mood and adding elegance to indoor spaces. 

Growing plants indoors has become more popular in recent years, with more options available than ever. Any part of the house, whether it’s a spacious living room or a cozy alcove, can be enhanced with an array of living greenery, from exotic tropicals to sleek succulents. Even edibles such as lettuce and herbs can be grown indoors on a kitchen window sill. 

Green up your home by trying some of these fresh indoor garden ideas.

indoor garden under stairs

1. Create an indoor retreat 

Turn a hidden alcove or other underutilized space in your home into a charming indoor retreat. Add a comfortable chair to relax in, and surround yourself with the lush greenery of houseplants in different sizes and colors to lure you back in time and again.

bathroom indoor garden

2. Decorate the bathroom

Transform a bathroom into a relaxing getaway by decorating with plants for a luxurious look. Add elegant touches such as classic pedestals, plush rugs and soft oversized towels that will make your bathroom feel like a day at a posh spa. Many tropical plants such as alocasia, calathea, dracaena, monstera and pothos benefit from the extra humidity of a bathroom.

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indoor office garden

3. Revise your work space

With more people working from home, a dedicated home office is where they spend much of their time during the week. Whether you work from home or commute, making your work space more appealing with plants can improve your mood and increase productivity. Provide yourself with an efficient desk, comfortable chair, good lighting, and surround yourself with living beauty to make the work day go faster.

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indoor hallway garden

4. Adorn a hallway

Turn a blasé hallway into a captivating space with a living plant display. Start out with a sideboard with drawers where you can stash keys and mail out of sight for a neater look. Make plants the focus, adding framed art and other decorative touches such as books and knick-knacks. Include varieties of plants in different shapes, sizes and leaf colors, unifying the display with matching pots. 

indoor garden shelf

5. Save money

For a budget-friendly option, convert a basic storage shelf into a multi-tiered plant stand that can be displayed in any room. Add a fresh coat of paint to coordinate with the color scheme of your decor for a customized touch. Group plants together with similar growing needs for healthier plants and reduced maintenance. If you want to give your indoor garden an extra boost, mount LED grow lights onto the shelving unit.

indoor potted garden

6. Add a cozy nook

Living rooms, dens or master bedrooms often have space for separate seating areas. Set aside a quiet corner for reading and relaxing. Add decorative appeal with colorful plants, furnishings and artwork in your favorite colors that will make you want to spend time there. Try creating potted arragments featuring three or four types of indoor plants in decorative containers. 

indoor plant grouping

7. Mix and match

Combine plants together with different leaf shapes, colors and variegated or solid patterns for a more compelling display. Add complementary accessories sparingly to avoid a busy look or detracting from the plants. Use the same color for pots as your room decor to unify the space.

indoor garden plants

8. Repurpose and recycle

Think outside the box and repurpose salvaged treasures for unique plant displays. A vintage library card catalog system finds new life as a display for an eclectic collection of potted plants. For a fresh look, plants can be mixed and matched, or moved to different drawers. Add antique pictures and other vintage items to complete the look.

tabletop garden

9. Contrast and unify

Dress up a coffee table with a dynamic plant combination. Include plants with interesting flowers and foliage for long-lasting color. The speckled foliage of calla lily echoes the dots in the caladium leaves. Use matching containers to further unify the display.

houseplant grouping

10. Choose a style

For indoor plant displays, choose plants, furnishings and accessories in complementary colors and style for a cohesive look. For more subdued colors, choose plants in neutral shades of green. Use plants with more vividly colored flowers and foliage for a bolder color scheme.

living wall

11. Create a living wall

Maximize the use of small spaces by displaying plants at different heights. Include hanging plants, table and floor specimens to create a simple take on a living wall. Use vining plants that will trail down the side of hanging pots, compact varieties for tables and shelves, and taller upright plants as floor specimens.

12. Embrace an ancient art

For a truly unique addition to your indoor garden, consider the centuries-old Japanese art of kokedama. The name comes from the Japanese words for "moss" (koke) and "ball" (dama). Kokedama is a form of bonsai that encases a plant's root system in a moss-covered soil ball. This ancient technique not only creates a stunning visual centerpiece but also offers you a practical solution for small spaces. For a really fun display, use string to hang your kokedama plants from a wall or ceiling!

Learn how to make kodedama moss balls that can be used as hanging plants or displayed on a tabletop.


13. Include terrariums

Create a plant display made of covered glass jars or bowls that provide a growing environment for plants that prefer high humidity such as nerve plant, philodendron, polka plant and prayer plant. Display a larger bowl terrarium as a centerpiece on a dining room table, or group small terrarium jars on a sideboard or dresser for an elegant display.

Find out how to create a terrarium.

indoor gardening

14. Go small 

For end tables, kitchen window sills, narrow shelves, and other spots with limited space, use miniature specimens in small decorative pots. These can include terrarium plants, herb seedlings, or cuttings from mature houseplants.

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How do I turn my room into a garden?

If you are a new plant parent, choose plants that are easy to care for such as ZZ plants, peace lily, philodendron, spider plant and snake plant. Gradually add more varieties as you become more knowledgeable in their care until you’ve transformed your living space into a lush garden oasis.

Can I grow a garden inside my house?

There are many indoor plants that will thrive in most homes. When growing plants indoors, make sure there is adequate light and provide the right soil and fertilizer. Most tropical houseplants need water when the soil feels dry to the touch 1 to 2 inches deep. Cacti and succulents need less frequent watering.

Find more tips on indoor plant care.

How do you arrange an indoor garden?

Peruse online sources and magazines for inspiring inside gardening ideas on how to arrange plants. Include plants in different sizes, shapes and colors for a more compelling display. Group plants together with similar growing needs for easier maintenance.

What are indoor gardening options?

The potential for indoor garden ideas is nearly endless. Any room in your home can be used to display indoor plants. Create an indoor herb garden on a kitchen window sill, dress up a dining room table with colorful houseplants, or decorate a bedroom night stand with a plant that exudes a soothing scent to help you sleep.

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