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15 Ways to Decorate with Plants in Any Room

How to decorate with indoor plants to add life and visual interest to your home

Contributors: Janet Loughrey

decorating with plants

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Indoor houseplants add a living touch to home decor, whether it’s a small potted plant placed on an end table or a floor-sized specimen displayed in a spacious entryway. Homes decorated with plants have been shown to have a positive effect on physical and mental well-being. Being in close proximity to lush, green plants helps to lower daily stress levels and may even result in a better night’s sleep. Houseplants can filter harmful toxins from the air, helping to improve indoor air quality. 

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that growing indoor plants has surged in popularity in recent years. With the increased demand for houseplants, there are more options available to homeowners and apartment dwellers than ever before. Plant varieties, decorative containers and accessories come in a wide array of styles and colors, making the possibilities for decorating with plants nearly endless.



When decorating with houseplants, research the growing needs for each variety before purchasing. Consider the amount of light, room temperature and air humidity. 

Choose a spot 

Look around your various living spaces and find areas where your chosen plants will thrive. Plants will perform best when the environment more closely mimics their native habitat. 

Start out slow 

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are many houseplant varieties that are virtually fail-proof, such as ZZ plant, philodendron, snake plant, pothos and spider plant. Start out with a small collection and slowly add new varieties as you gain more confidence.


atrium plants

1. Choose a style

When decorating with plants indoors, select plant varieties and containers that suit your own personal tastes and the style of your home. Wicker baskets evoke rustic country appeal, while a classic metal urn exudes timeless elegance. Neutral-colored ceramic containers create a sleek modern look, while brightly painted pots evoke a Southwestern theme.

Check out the leafjoy® Atrium® Collection for plants that thrive in high light, bright spaces. 

living room plants

2. Use indoor furniture

The different sizes and heights of bookcases, shelves, tables and plant stands are ideal for creating personalized houseplant displays. Place plants at different levels for more compelling visual interest.

hall table plants

3. Unify the design

When decorating rooms with plants, group the same style or color pots together for a more cohesive display. Include plants with foliage in different colors, patterns and shapes for visual contrast.

bathroom plants

4. Decorate the bathroom

A bathroom is an ideal spot for houseplants that thrive in higher humidity, such as ferns, begonias, calathea and orchids. Place plants in an artful arrangement around a bathtub, whirlpool or shower to evoke the feeling of a luxurious spa.

Find plants for warm, humid spaces like powder rooms in the leafjoy® SpaScene® Collection

dining table plants

5. Include plants for special occasions

Create a festive dining room table setting for a special occasion such as a birthday, rehearsal dinner or retirement. Featured plants can be given as party favors for guests to take home.

Shown here are H20 Bowls, part of the leafjoy H20® collection.

houseplant grouping

6. Revive an unused space

For plant corner ideas, brighten up an unused space with an eclectic houseplant display. Use containers in the same color as the room decor to unify the space.

lazy susan plants

7. Get creative

Use interior design plants with variegated foliage to add a pop of color. Glass containers with cork lids, spice jars, fish bowls or cloches can be repurposed as miniature terrariums. For enclosed terrarium environments, choose plants that prefer high humidity such as pothos, philodendron or spider plant.

For an instant option, try the leafjoy H20® collection, which comes in two sizes, H20 Mini and H20 Bowl.

office plants

8. Dress up an office

Adorning a work space in a home or office with an assortment of lush houseplants can spurn creativity, resulting in a more pleasant environment to work in. Leave plenty of room for office furniture and equipment to optimize productivity. 

Want your own space-saving plants for desks, shelves or tabletops? Check out the leafjoy® WorkLife® Collection

grouping of low light plants9. Mix it up

Houseplants come in a wide array of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. For a more interesting display, combine different size plants with upright, bushy or trailing habits. Include plants with foliage in colors of green, purple, chartreuse and variegation for contrast.

No window nearby? Try low light plants from the leafjoy® Cocoon® Collection.

reading room plants

10. Embellish a reading room

Decorate a cozy reading nook with lush green plants. Install plant hangers on walls or ceilings for trailing plants such as philodendron, creeping fig and pothos. Make sure hooks and hangers for ceiling and wall decor are sturdy enough to support plants.

Thanksgiving table houseplants

11. Create a festive holiday table

Make a holiday table setting special by combining seasonal decorations with small houseplants. When considering plant arrangement ideas, keep table decor low enough so that guests can converse without being visually obstructed.

Christmas mantle houseplants

12. Decorate a mantle

A fireplace mantlepiece in a living room can become a display area for houseplants and holiday decorations. Change the display at different times of the year for a fresh look.

mantel plants

13. Include other decorative accents

Combine indoor plants with household objects you already have on hand. Books, family pictures, miniature art and knick-knacks can be artfully arranged for a compelling display.

soilless houseplants14. Use soilless containers

Houseplant cuttings can be displayed in clear glass jars filled with water. Change water frequently to prevent stem rot.

sink plants

15. Dress up a sink

Adorn a bathroom sink with small houseplants for a living touch. Use smaller specimens that can fit on a shelf or window ledge so they don’t overwhelm the space.


How do you use plants as decorations?

When using plants for decorating, treat them as you would non-living elements. Pay attention to basic design principles such as proportion, balance, scale, harmony, style and color. 

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How to decorate your bedroom with plants?

Plants have a calming effect on your mind and body. Surround your bedside with plants to help purify the air and create a serene oasis, which may even lead to a better night’s sleep. 

How should I arrange my living room with plants?

Try to achieve a balance between furnishings and living accents. Use plants to fill up empty corners, add height and create visual interest. The ample space of a typical living room is conducive to using a larger plant as a focal point. 

Which plants are best for decoration?

When choosing plants as decor, make sure they complement a room’s color scheme and style, and will be easy to care for. 

How can I decorate my house with plants?

The ideas for decorating with plants are nearly endless. Look online, in houseplant shops or home decor stores for ideas and inspiration.

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