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Proven Winners® Hydrangeas—Best of class bloomers

Hydrangeas are shrubs known for their gorgeous blooms.  The challenge has been that the French or big leaf hydrangea many of us remember from our grandmother’s garden has a reputation of being an unreliable bloomer.  The reason?   It blooms on old wood and its picky buds often don’t survive harsh winter temperatures.  Link to new shrubs page

That’s why Proven Winner developed hydrangeas that bloom reliably on new wood and are rated Zone 4 hardy.   The newer, hardier varieties form their buds on new wood in early summer then bloom in mid-summer. Some bloom on both new and old wood. Plus, growing them couldn't be easier.

Hydrangeas come in a variety of sizes and colors--even climbers--perfect for almost any landscape. 
The blossoms are stunning additions to both fresh cut and dried bouquets.

Proven Winners® Hydrangeas flourish in full to part sun and adapt to a wide range of soils with no serious pests. Their long-blooming, flower clusters come in a variety of shapes accented by varied foliage.  Proven Winners has a selection of easy-to-grow hydrangeas including new introductions.  These are some customer favorites:

Limelight® (Hardy): Unique bright chartreuse blooms in mid-summer that change to a rich deep pink in fall.

Little Lamb® (Hardy):  Sweet, compact and unique because its flower petals are the smallest and most delicate of any hydrangea; white flower heads look like dancing lambs.

Let’s Dance®: An exceptional hydrangea with large mop-heads and brilliant color that blooms on both old and new wood from mid-summer to late summer.

Quick Fire® (Hardy)
: Blooms about a month earlier than other hardy hydrangeas; flowers open white, then turn

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