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Annuals Articles

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Learn about what is new for spring of 2014.

Impatiens is a stalwart annual in shade gardens and with good reason. However, bedding Impatiens are susceptible to downy mildew.  Read this article to understand what the disease is, whether you should be worried or not and what possible replacements for Impatiens are out there.

New plants are the life's blood of any plant company and our outstanding new varieties are sure to find homes in your garden.

With the right sun, water, fertilizer and a bit of care you can grow truly super Superbells®.

Learn what makes the three Supertunia® Vista Petunias so special.

See photos and commentary on Kerry's garden in 2012.

Learn about the Proven Winners plants that are brand new at garden centers for 2012.

Learn how "Bad" shade areas can be real assets in your garden.

Early spring is a hard time for gardeners because the days have become warmer and the inactivity of winter is pushing you to get something planted out in the garden. The call to get planting before the threat of frost has passed is hard to ignore. There are some plants that, if properly hardened off, will take several frosts with little or no damage and are perfect for early plantings.

Create a container garden even a vampire could love by utilizing plants with dark folige and flowers.

Showing 1 - 10 of 21.
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