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Supertunia® Violet Star Charm Petunia

This year, seemingly more than ever, crazy colored flowers in all sorts of patterns and shapes not seen before are popping up at garden centers. Many of them are bicolors: flowers with two distinct colors in one. It can be tricky to design with them container combinations, so here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping this season.

The fourth in a wildly popular series, meet the phenomenal new Supertunia® Picasso in Purple.

Sweet potato vines are essential components for container combinations that perform admirably across North America in sun and part shade. This year, we’ve improved the habit of our popular Sweet Caroline Bewitched to make it easier for growers to use in combinations. We’ve also added a lime green selection to pair with it perfectly, and given the purple selection in our Sweet Caroline Sweetheart line an extra boost of deep purple, colorfast pigment. It’s a good year for Ipomoea!

With so many Calibrachoas on the market, how do you choose the best? At Proven Winners, we trial and select for varieties that bloom early, then perform all summer and deep into the fall months, long past when they leave the grower’s bench. We want both growers and gardeners to be successful so they keep coming back for more.

New for 2017, you’ll find three brand new colors of Superbells and four improved varieties of some of our most popular selections. Find your new favorites for your container combination recipes below.


I am once again writing about my garden each month. You'll get to see the good and the bad, after all gardening is a different adventure every year.

Each year we introduce new plants, and 2016 is a banner year for new Proven Winners®.  We have 43 new annuals and I want to give you a quick introduction to each of them.  However, with 43 plants I am going to break them into three different groups based loosely on color.  The first group features Cool Hues and Tonal Greens, the second group we are talking about today is Fun and Flirty Bicolors and in our next newsletter will be our third group—Bright, Bold and Hot Colors.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I am going to include tons of pictures with ideas to inspire your own creativity.

Hi, I’m Susan and I’m a copywriter and resident Plant Geek for Proven Winners. You’ll find me either writing about or working hands-on with all kinds of plants just about every day of the week here in my zone 6 Michigan garden. You guessed it—plants are my passion! My garden is nearly entirely encompassed in various degrees of shade, so I’ve come to know which Proven Winners work best in my environment. I envy those of you who have sunny landscapes! What I would give for just a little slice of sunshine…

10 Great but Under-loved Plants

What's going on, my petunias and geraniums have stopped blooming and there are tiny holes in the leaves, flowers and buds.

Learn about ways to use Chartreuse in the garden, along with plants that sport the color.

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