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Oso Easy Cherry Pie Rose

Spring is such an exciting time of the year, especially in the garden. After a long, grey winter, spring flowers offer a much needed dose of color.  Here are a few especially interesting shrub varieties that will add color and excitement to your garden:

This article covers the basics on using color in your garden bed. Learn how to create pleasing garden color schemes using flowers, foliage plants and more.

Learn the basic design principles, styles and plant layouts for garden beds.

Sunshine Blue II Improved Caryopteris

Shrubs can add great color impact to the fall garden.

Short definitions and descriptions of many of the horticultural terms used on this website.

Growing perennials and shrubs in containers has become an increasingly popular topic. If all you want is the summer color and have no expectations of the plant coming back the next spring, growing a perennial or shrub in a pot is easy. If you are trying to overwinter the plant in the pot, things become a bit more challenging. This article will explain how to grow and overwinter perennials and shrubs in containers.

Adding compost to your garden is one of the best things you can do for your plants. If compost ingredients are carefully mixed you can create compost in a matter of weeks not months. This article explains how to speed up the composting process.

Sweet Romance™

How to garden in sandy soil.

Clay Soil

Clay soil is often cursed by gardeners but clay can be a wonderful thing. This article will teach you about clay soils, why you should love them, and how to make them even better.

Any soil can benefit from adding organic matter. To learn more about transforming bad soils to good and making good soils even better read on for a practical guide to making garden compost.

Showing 391 - 400 of 442.
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