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Proven Winners® Container Gardening—Use these FREE recipes to plant gorgeous containers

The secret is out.  Container gardening is fun, easy and rewarding when you use Proven Winners recipes. Think of all the creative possibilities for transforming a watering can, shoe or purse into a plant-able pot!  

 Container gardening is the perfect way to exercise your green thumb whether you live in a house with yard, patio home, or condo with a balcony.  Start by selecting a step-by-step recipe from the dozens you’ll find here

Create a traffic-stopping pot of color to place by your front door.  Hang baskets of billowing blooms from the balcony or ‘round the patio.  Fill a window box to enjoy as part of your kitchen window. 

Gardeners love that Proven Winners plants aren't just for garden beds and landscaping yards.  They are the secret ingredient found in captivating containers filled with lush color and fascinating texture.

Container gardening lets you add visual interest anywhere you want draw the eye or direct traffic.   Container gardens provide focal points that grab attention and screen the unsightly. 

Best of all, with Proven Winners step-by-step recipes and plants, success is a cinch.  Our recipes give you everything you need to know:  plants, sun exposure, container size and color scheme complete with a plant placement diagram. 

While Proven Winners® is known as the #1 source for hundreds of great combination planter recipes, you can also use Proven Winner plants to design your own.  Read this article with full-color photos for ideas and inspiration.

Velvet Skies Bermunda Skies
Glory Days Above and Beyond


Featured Container Recipes

  • Nothern LightsCombination
    Nothern Lights
    ExposurePart Shade to Shade
  • Neon LightsCombination
    Neon Lights
    Color SchemeVibrant Mix
    ExposurePart Shade to Shade
    Pot Size12 Inches
  • Mountain View
    Mountain View
    Color SchemeWarm and Cool
    ExposurePart Shade to Shade
    Pot Size12 Inches
    Come Back SOON For Details!
    Our gurus are putting the finishing touches on this combination. Details will be available in 8 weeks.
Buddleia 'Miss Ruby' (butterfly bush)

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Fertilizing plants can be a bit bewildering but to get the most out of your plants, especially container plants, it is essential. This article will go over the basic types of fertilizers and give recommendations on when and how to apply those fertilizers.

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Hebe 'Frozen Flame'

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