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Home Gardens—See Proven Winners plants growing in backyard beds

 It’s one thing to look at gorgeous close-up photos of individual Proven Winners plants and another to see them flourishing with other flowers in actual home gardens.  That’s what you’ll see in these journals.

Gardeners John, Dave, Kerry and Julie are all part of the Proven Winners team.  Each has his or her own home garden in a different part of the country.   All are generous when it comes to sharing their gardening experiences and photos.

So, take a peek into the front and back yards of people like you who do their own landscaping and maintain their own home gardens.  You’ll see plenty of Prove Winners plants and interesting plant combinations, as well as gather design and hard-scaping ideas.


Johns’ Garden

John is one of our original Proven Winners employees working for us since 1997.  He got hooked on gardening as a child working on his grandfather's truck farm and playing in his grandmother's orange groves.  John and his wife Beckie live and garden in Rochester, Michigan.  They have lived in their current house since 1977.  Two huge American Elms provide dappled shade for most of John’s home garden. 


Dave’s Garden

Dave is Director of Sales for Proven Winners.  For many years, he and his wife Cathy lived in downtown Chicago where his home gardens were containers on a condo balcony. In spring 2008, they moved to a newly built home in the western suburbs of Chicago.  Since then they've been busy establishing in-ground garden beds while continuing with their interest in container gardening. Dave’s garden journal and photos allow you to follow a newly planted home garden as it evolves over time.


Kerry’s Garden

Kerry is our Program Manager who home gardens in central Missouri on 10 acres, half of which is a rocky wooded hillside. She and her husband bought their house in 2005 near the family farm where Kerry grew up.  Kerry’s grandmothers and mother loved flowers and passed this love on to her.  While Kerry grew up and earned her horticulture degrees in the Midwest, she lived in California for five years after graduation.  Kerry’s journal tracks her spectacular plantings through the growing season.


Julie’s Garden 

Julie, her husband John, and their children live near San Diego, California.  Julie shares her garden with her beloved Bassett hound, Buddy.  For both, the garden is their sanctuary.  Julie loves beds full of color and puts a premium on plants that add movement to her garden.  Her journal is filled with photos of brightly colorful mixed beds and borders.  Look for what Julie calls her, “under the table conversation piece” and other ideas you can use in your home garden.


Flower Garden: Make yours the envy of the neighborhood

Looking for an impressive selection of plants that will thrive and bloom in your flower garden all summer long?

Proven Winners are top-performers that offer today’s gardener an impressively large palette of eye-popping colors.  These plants are vigorous, disease-resistant, and easy to grow adding bountiful blooms and all-season color to both flower garden beds and pots.

 Try these customer favorites in your flower garden whether it’s a personal retreat or work of ever-changing art, a stunning focal point or pathway border:

Superbells® Calibrachoa  Endless blooms on trailing stems in over two dozen colors for garden beds, baskets and containers. 

Diamond Frost® “And the winner is Diamond Frost!” Meet our most award-winning plant that produces continuous clouds of airy white blooms.

'Limelight' Hardy Hydrangea   A real show-stopper bursting with chartreuse blooms in mid-summer that change to deep pink in fall.

Dolce® Key Lime Pie Coral Bells 
Tidy clumps of scalloped, heart-shaped leaves in mottled shades of bright lime green; stunning color all year long.

Whirlwind® Blue Fan Flower  A resilient, heat and drought tolerant plant producing blue-purple fan-shaped flowers; blooms all season, no deadheading.

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New plants are the life's blood of any plant company and our outstanding new varieties are sure to find homes in your garden.

Everyone loves to have a gorgeous garden, but finding the time to create and maintain one might seem daunting.  There are strategies to employ that will allow you to have a beautiful garden without having to spend hours and hours on gardening chores.

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