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Proven Winners University


Proven Winners<sup>®</sup> University



Here's an example of one of
our most popular videos. 

This is a series of quick, informative videos (2-5 minutes long) that can be used weekly to educate your garden center employees on key topics. We call it the Proven Winners® University.

To receive these videos each week by email, you must complete the Certification Training Program. (The Certification program has ended for the 2021 season)  Once you successfully completed certification, you will be given the opportunity to sign up to receive this bonus material.

If you have already become certified but have not yet signed up, you may still Sign Up for Proven Winners University. (NOTE: You will need to provide your 2021 certification test key.) If you do not know your test key, please contact Sandy at 815-895-1872 or email

The Certification program has ended for 2021 season. The program runs from February 1 to May 1.


  • Pollinators
    • Hummingbird Attractors
    • Shrubbin' For Pollinators
    • Perennial Pollinator Magnets
    • Bring On the Pollinators
    • Raising Crown Bees for High Yields
    • The ABC's of Native Bees
  • Proven Winners Marketing
    • Retail Resource Guide
    • Behind the Plants
    • Connect+
    • Why Proven Winners Plants
    • Setting Up a Store Within a Store
    • How to Build a Display
    • Store Within a Store Destination
    • Store Within a Store - Step by Step
    • Gardener's Idea Book
    • Pink Day Overview
    • Garden Answer Social Media Tips
    • Garden Center Destination Tips
    • Who is Proven Winners
    • Learn about the Pandora campaign
  • Consumer Success - Selling Tips
    • Engaging Stores Sell More, Boring Ones Don't
    • Three Questions for Plant Selection
    • Best Practices for Best Plants
    • Healthy Plants Lead to Happy Gardeners
    • Fragrant Perennials
    • Understanding Supertunias Know the Differences
    • Using Perennials for Cut Flowers
    • New Shrub Varieties
    • Landscape Shrub of the Year
    • Hydrangea Problem Solving
    • Laura's Tips for the Season
  • Containers
    • Container Maintenance - Trimming Equals Winning
    • Keep Containers Singing
    • Sensational Container Shrubs
  • Local Garden Conditions
    • Annuals Zone 9 and 10
    • Annuals Zone 2 thru 4
    • Perennials Zone 3 thru 4
    • Perennials Zone 9
    • Our Shady Go To's
    • Dynamite Perennials for Dry Conditions
    • Regional Varieties:
    • Northeastern Zones 4-5
    • Northeastern Zones 6-7
    • Southwestern Zones 4-7
    • Southeastern Zones 7-8
    • Midwest Zones 4-5
    • Midwest Zones 6-7
    • Northern US and Canada Zones 2-4
    • Northern US and Canada Zones 5-6
    • Pacific Northwest Zones 4-6
    • Pacific Northwest Zones 7-9
  • Garden Pests
    • No More 'Oh Deer!' Shrubs
    • Deer and Rabbit Resistant Perennials
    • Garden Pests
  •  Plants & Care
    • Decked Out
    • Stem Strength
    • Salt Tolerant Shrubs
    • Proven Winners Trees
    • Fertilization Tips for Shrubs
    • Top 10 Iconic Annuals
    • Fertilization Tips for Perennials
    • Hydrangea Problem Solving
    • Landscape Shrub of the Year
    • Overwintering Perennials and Shrubs
    • Success with Superbells
    • Picking the Perfect Paniculata Hydrangea
    • Hydrangea Color
    • Top Three Tips for Butterfly Bushes
    • What is Bathtub Effect?
    • A look at our Plant Tags
    • Garden Answer Watering Tips







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