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Proven Winners® Seed-Starting Eco-Pots - 12 pots

SKU: PW-EcoPot-2pack

U.S. Customers: $6 shipping for 1st 12 Eco-Pots; $5 each additional set of 12 pots.
Canadian Customers: $20 shipping for 1st 12 Eco-Pots; $15 each additional set of 12 pots.

Weight: 0.58 lb.
Dimensions: 3.18in. × 3in. × 4.25in.

Proven Winners® Seed-Starting Eco-Pots are compostable and self-feeding! With plant nutrients built right into the pot, they're ideal for starting your seeds. These petroleum-free Eco-Pots are safe for waterways with no harmful fertilizer runoff. Plus, they make gardening landfill-free - just remove the 4 tabs and plant the entire pot directly into the soil. Each pot is 2.5” x 2.5” x 2.25” and comes in a set of 6. This collection has 12 pots (2 sets of 6 packs). Click on our FAQ page for additional information on Eco-Pots.


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