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WaterWise® Container Watering KIT by Proven Winners® ~ 100' of Tan Tubing

SKU: PW0340

U.S. Customers: Price includes shipping and handling.

Canadian Customers: $30.00 additional shipping for 1st kit ordered. Each additional kit - $5.00

Weight: 4 lb.

Watering potted plants, trees, flower boxes and hanging baskets is easier than ever. This kit contains everything you need to water up to 10 potted plants from a single faucet. Combine up to 3 kits in a single direction to run up to 90 feet, watering up to 30 containers. Or tee off from a single faucet to add 3 kits in a second direction to run up to a combined 10 feet, watering 60 containers!

■ 100 ft. Coil of Tan Vinyl Tubing
■ 10 - 1/2 GPH (2 liter/hr) Pressure Compensating Drippers
■ 10 - 1/4” Barbed Tees
■ 3 - 1/4” Barbed Crosses
■ 10 - 1/4” Black Nail Clamps
■ 1 - Faucet Adapter
■ 10 - 1/4” Support Stakes
■ 1 - Back Flow Prevention Valve

10” - 12” container 1 dripper
14” - 20” container 2 drippers
24”+ container 3 drippers

One half hour per day is a good starting point. On hot and windy days, an additional watering may be needed. A 9-volt faucet timer is recommended (not included).

Purchase MisterTimer Watering Timer

Purchase MisterTimer Two Zone Watering Timer

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