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WaterWise® Container Watering Kit (White) by Proven Winners® ~ Case 8

SKU: PW0313-W

*If you are a retailer purchasing for resale, please contact Proven Winners for tax-exempt qualifications.

Weight: 32 lb.

Watering potted plants, trees, herbs, flower boxes, and hanging baskets is easier then ever. This special kit contains everything you need to water up to 30 potted plants from a single faucet. If you have many containers, this system allows you to combine two kits in a single or tee off in a second direction to run up to 200 feet (watering up to 60 containers). Watering accounts for 30 percent of suburban family water use. Drip irrigation systmes need half the water sprinklers do. Another energy saving tip is to collect rainwater to water your plants.

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