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Walters Gardens Internship Program

Walters Gardens is the nation’s leading wholesale perennial grower and home of Proven Winners® Perennnials. We are excited to offer paid summer internship programs for May – August.  Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience that is tailored towards your areas of interest. Submit your cover letter and resume between September 1 -  January 31.

As an intern for Walters Gardens, you can gain invaluable hands-on experience with propagating, trialing, and growing our extensive collection of top-tier perennials. Within the rotation track, you will work with some of the best and brightest in the industry. A monthly housing stipend will be included in the compensation package. We are growing, and we want you to come grow with us!


Areas of potential internship opportunities include:

Plant Health

Working with our plant health team, you will learn how to track trials such as PGR usage, insect control options or disease prevention.  You will also help scout for diseases and insects and monitor pest populations.  You will also learn best methods for chemical application and best practices for controlling insects and diseases using biological controls.

Greenhouse Growing and Production

Our greenhouse internship program will focus on best practices for growing perennial plants.  You will work with our growers to learn about moisture levels, watering systems, soil testing, fertilizing and PGR’s.  

Field Production

This internship will focus on growing plants and keeping them healthy in an outdoor field environment.  You will learn how to take various soil samples, how to scout for and control field pests, plant diseases and noxious weed. In addition to plant health duties, you will also participate in our digging, sorting, irrigation and inventory tasks.

Tissue Culture Lab

Our Tissue Culture Lab was the first lab of its kind in the industry.  Internships in our lab will give you exposure to media trials and best practices for growing plants in a tissue culture environment.


Our interns Experience New and Upcoming Variety Evaluations. You will work with our Trials Growers to learn about PGR Trials on Plug Material, Finished Material Production, as well as Data Collection and Entry.


Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume,
indicating their areas of interest, to Dianne Cote between September 1 -  January 31.

Final application deadline is February 3, 2023









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