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All About Vitamin Berries

Grow superfruits in your own backyard. Vegetable gardening has been hot for a few years, and now gardeners are already growing their own fruit, too. Goji Berries and Sweetberry Honeysuckle are the rage, popular for their antioxidants and ohter potential health benefits.

Sugar Mountain Blue Lonicera caeruleaLifeberry Lycium barbarum
For best fruit production plant more than one varietyA pollinator is not needed.
Zone: Hardy to USDA zone 1;
heat tolerant to AHS zone 6
Zone: hardy to USDA zone 5;
heat tolerant to AHS zone 9
Exposure: Full Sun
(6+ hours)
Exposure: Full sun is best,
but tolerates a bit of shade.
Height: 5-7'Height: 5-6'

Though they sound exotic and are most often found with a high price tag in health food stores, these berries are actually easy to grow, hardy plants. If they weren’t, well, we wouldn’t have added them to the line of Proven Winners ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs. These exceptional strains were specially selected for you and have been grown for centuries for its purported health-giving properties and brilliant fruit color.

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