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2023 Plant Highlights

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2023 Annuals


SUPERBELLS® PRISM Pink Lemonade Calibrachoa

This dynamic bicolor calibrachoa changes through the seasons with the blossoms first opening lemon yellow and then transitioning to vibrant pink. Easy to design and mix with other medium vigor plants.

  • Large flowers on full, mounded plants
  • Changes color through the seasons as it reacts to varying light levels and daylength
  • Screened for Thielaviopsis resistance
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, recipes and monocultures
  • 6-12” height; 12-24” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 2

You’ve asked for it and now we’re delivering on your desire for a color-changing calibrachoa that lives up to Superbells standards. Superbells® Prism Pink Lemonade shifts its coloration through the seasons as it reacts to varying light levels and daylength. The large blossoms open lemon yellow and transition to a vibrant pink, with both colors continuously present at once on the plant. Its fully mounded habit results in fabulous monoculture containers, but this colorful calibrachoa is also easy to mix with other medium vigor annuals in recipes. Like all Superbells, it blooms continuously all season without deadheading.



This new well-branched form of climbing Ipomoea quickly forms a robust mass of deep burgundy purple, dissected foliage. A dramatic accent for baskets; presents well in Royale containers with trellis.

  • Best habit and branching of any climbing Ipomoea series on the market
  • Leaves similar in shape to Sweet Caroline Raven
  • Use as a twining vine (recommended) or long trailing plant
  • Climbs/trails longer in the South where the growing season is warmer and longer
  • Grow in 1.0 Royale containers with trellis, monocultures, in combination with other vigorous varieties, or in landscapes
  • 36-72” height; 18-36” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 4

Consumers love plants that thrive with little maintenance, plus they are always looking for vines that will tolerate some shade. Our new Upside® climbing Ipomoea varieties fit the bill in both regards. The well-branched vines of Sweet Caroline Upside Black Coffee form a full mass of deep dazzling purple foliage that quickly scrambles up trellises or hanging basket wires and trails several feet long. We recommend selling these plants in 1.0 Royale containers with a trellis for best display at retail and using them as a dramatic thriller in premium hanging basket recipes. Growers will notice the improved branching of Upside Ipomoeas compared to others in the market—the best branching and habit of any climbing selections we’ve trialed.


LUSCIOUS® Basket TANGELO Lantana camara

Created to shine in hanging baskets, this dynamic new mounded trailing lantana bears large clusters of vivid yellow flowers that transition into tropical coral colors. Exhibits superb heat and humidity tolerance.

  • A new form of Lantana for our longstanding Luscious® series
  • Versatile in hanging baskets and uprights as a filler and spiller
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande and 1.0 Royale containers, baskets, recipes, monocultures and landscapes
  • 12-26” height; 12-24” spread
  • Full sun
  • Vigor 2

In colors that will have you reaching for your sunscreen and margarita, the new Luscious® Basket Tangelo shines on retail benches and in home gardens from spring through fall. It powers through the hottest, stickiest summers without skipping a beat and like all Luscious® lantana, it sets little to no seed,

so it doesn’t require deadheading for continuous bloom. The fragrant blossoms attract hummingbirds and butterflies, too. The mounded trailing habit of this variety makes it ideal for use in hanging baskets and upright recipes as a filler and spiller. With a medium vigor similar to Luscious Royale varieties, it plays well with others without taking over.


AROMANCE® Mulberry Nemesia fruticans

Intensely fragrant, rich plum-fuchsia and lavender bicolor blooms on bushy, upright plants appear early for use in spring recipes. Withstands summer heat and rains admirably compared to common market varieties.

  • Showy, scented blossoms have exceptional appeal at retail
  • Sets no seed; no deadheading needed for continuous bloom
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande containers, color bowls, baskets, window boxes and landscapes
  • 10-18” height; 12-18” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 2

Growers and gardeners alike have fallen in love with Aromance® Pink, and now we’re adding a new color to the series with Aromance Mulberry. Its delightfully prolific blooms are just as sweetly scented, but in shades of bright plum-fuchsia and lavender with a tiny yellow throat. It blooms early enough to use in spring recipes, then continues well into the season due to its increased heat tolerance. No deadheading is needed for continuous bloom since this cultivar sets no seed. In trials, Aromance Mulberry performed beautifully throughout the summer, even handling heavy summer rains with ease. Cooler fall nights stimulate a whole new flush of blooms that persist until frost.



Our very first yellow Mini Vista petunia! This strong growing cultivar bears clear yellow flowers on an attractive globe-shaped habit. A compact form loaded with flower power all season without deadheading.

  • Durable petunia that tolerates adverse growing conditions
  • Excellent heat tolerance exhibited in Florida trials
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande and 1.0 Royale containers, recipes, baskets, monocultures and landscapes
  • 6-12” height; 18-24” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 3

Growers have keyed in to our Supertunia Mini Vista® line for its ease of growth and perfect presentation in Grande and Royale containers. This year, we are adding a clear yellow-flowered cultivar to the series. While some yellow petunias could have vigor issues in the past, the new Supertunia Mini Vista Yellow navigated through our trialing process with flying colors. Even in the Florida heat, its performance was remarkable. Supertunia Mini Vista Yellow forms a tidy globe-shaped habit that is covered in blooms from early in the season until frost without deadheading. Because of its tight shape, it makes pristine mono containers and is a star in landscapes where it won’t sprawl too wide to cover pathways or take over neighboring plants. A new Mini Vista essential!


2023 Perennials

MEANT TO BEE Agastache Collection Agastache

The buzz has already begun over this new collection of Agastache from Proven Winners® Perennials. Members of the MEANT TO BEE Collection were selected for their large, full habits, significant landscape presence, and hardiness. Each variety has reliably overwintered in our Zone 6 West Michigan winters. Flowers cover the top two thirds of these plants from mid to late summer, with colorful calyxes extending interest well into fall. Pollinators are known to frequent these plants and they are a particular favorite of hummingbirds.



Meant to Bee Royal Raspberry

‘Royal Raspberry’ has rosy purple flowers with burgundy calyxes. New foliage emerges with a burgundy cast in spring. Best performance comes in full sun with well drained soils.

Height: 28-32”   Spread: 28-32”   Zones: 5-9   Exposure: Full Sun


Meant to Bee Queen Nectarine

Soft peach flowers are held on the mauve calyxes of ‘Queen Nectarine’. Compared with ‘Royal Raspberry’, this is noticeably taller. Best performance comes in full sun with well drained soils.

Height: 30-36”   Spread: 32-36”   Zones: 5-9   Exposure: Full Sun






An instant classic for the landscape! ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is the only dark leafed Astilbe with purple flowers that’s on the market. Rich deep chocolate brown leaves form an incredibly attractive mound of foliage. Emerging leaves are yellow with a dark margin with a glossy sheen that become completely dark as they age. Dark stems hold raspberry buds that burst forth with rosy purple flowers. This performs best both for growing and flowering in full sun in the north with adequate moisture, but also grows in shade. An Astilbe chinensis hybrid—showing off through the flower color, shape, and height.

Height: 20-22”   Spread: 24-28”   Scape: 28-34”   Zones 4-9   Exposure: Full sun to full shade 




(Stonecrop) This hybrid Stonecrop has a similar appearance and blooms in early summer like S. kamtschaticum. However, the habit is much more polished with a rounded, mounding habit similar to fellow Proven Winners Sedum, ‘Pure Joy’. Red stems hold deep green, serrated leaves and clusters of bright yellow, star-shaped flowers. This tough perennial is perfect for hot, dry areas in the garden or as a filler in mixed containers.

Height: 10-12”   Spread: 16-20”   Zones: 3-9   Exposure: Full Sun


2023 Shrubs


Let's Dance Sky View Hydrangea macrophylla

Whether you grow it in Michigan or Florida, Let's Dance Sky View® hydrangea is a standout for consistent, yearly blooming.

  • Great for containers
  • Easily turns blue
  • Reliably blooms in all climates
  • USDA zone 4
  • Height 2 - 3', width 2 - 4'


You'll love how easy it is for Let’s Dance Sky View to turn blue, which is what we recommend since it’s so spectacular this way: flowers emerge a beautiful sky blue with a honeydew-green eye before maturing to a full sky blue.


Invincibelle Sublime Hydrangea arborescens

Invincibelle Sublime hydrangea ushers in a new day for full-sized smooth hydrangeas, with cloud-like mophead flowers floating above the plant on super-sturdy stems.

  • Gorgeous green blooms
  • Sturdy stems
  • Native
  • USDA Zone 3 - 9
  • Height 3.5 - 5', width 3.5 - 5'

Each floret of the big, fluffy blooms is a deeply saturated tourmaline-green that looks refreshing and intriguing in the garden all summer long. Very dark green foliage sets off the lively green of the blooms. Makes a fantastic cut flower, both fresh and dried, if you can bring yourself to remove them from the fabulous plant.


Rise Up Roses

Our new Rise Up series of roses are the first-ever climbing roses from Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs. We call them "mini climbers," as they keep a neat, dense habit and can be grown as a climber or a shrub rose, depending on how the gardener prunes or trains them. Coming to us from the rose breeding genius of Chris Warner in the UK, these vigorous, healthy, reblooming roses create a range of new applications for Proven Winners® roses.

  • Fragrant and floriferous
  • Can be grown as a shrub or a climber
  • Disease resistant
  • USDA zone 4-8
Rise Up Ringo®
Height 3 - 5', width 2 - 3'
Rise Up Amberness 
Height 3 - 5', width 2 - 3'
Rise Up Lilac Days 
Height 5 - 8', width 2 - 4'



Reminiscent Roses

Reminiscent roses represent a new day for rose lovers, combining the classic beauty and fragrance of old-fashioned roses with modern-day performance.

  • Lush, garden rose blooms
  • Fragrant
  • Deadheading not required for continuous blooms
  • USDA zone 4-9
a group of pink flowers
Reminiscent Pink
Height 3 - 4’, width 2'

Reminiscent Coral
Height 2 - 3.5', width 2'

Reminiscent Crema
Height 1.5 - 3', width 2'


Reminiscent roses were developed in Serbia by a breeding team that is devoted to bringing out the best in color, fragrance, petal count, and flower power. Available in North America for the very first time, Reminiscent roses will be the roses everyone's looking for at their local garden center.

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