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AquaPots® FAQs from Home Gardeners






How much do AquaPots cost?

Each retailer sets their own pricing for AquaPots they choose to carry, so it's best to check your local retailer for their pricing. You should expect self-watering containers to cost more than a standard planter since there are more components included. 

Can I buy an AquaPots insert for the pots I already own?

No. The AquaPots are an all-in-one system. A rim molded inside the container seals the water reservoir off from the soil area to prevent leaking. AquaPots do not have any bottom drainage holes. Instead, there is an overflow hole right below the platform within the container that allows for overflow of any excess water.

Is there an indicator on AquaPots that tells me when it's time to refill them?

There is an overflow hole in the side of the container where water will dribble out once you've filled the reservoir fully. This important hole makes it impossible to overwater your plants. Smaller pots typically last one week before needing to be refilled. Larger pots will last longer between waterings.  

What sizes and colors do AquaPots come in?

Though dozens of options are available across the full line, each retailer independently decides which pots to carry at their store. Check your local retailers for their selections, and keep an eye out for this distinctive pottery when you travel. Premium quality planters are a fun and worthwhile garden accessory to collect.

Can AquaPots withstand the southern heat?

Certainly. We have trialed AquaPots in the full hot sun of southern Florida for the last six years with outstanding results. AquaPots are an ideal choice for warm climates where plants need to be watered frequently, since they drastically reduce the time and effort needed to water, without wasting any precious water resources. Some large AquaPots even went through the eye of Hurricane Irma in 2019 and not only did they remain upright - the plants rebounded quickly and looked as good as new within a week.

My AquaPots appear to be leaking...

If you'd notice puddles around your AquaPots during summer months, this is due to condensation. We recommend that you place small plastic blocks or “toilet shims” under them, 3 per pot, to allow a small amount of air flow and they will dry right up. It also allows a small blower to be able to clean a patio off better.

Are AquaPots available in Canada?

We are shipping to Canadian customers through our online store, but there are currently not any Canadian retailers stocking them.

Are AquaPots available from your online store?

We will have a small selection of this pottery available online. However, we encourage you to shop local for these premium quality planters.

What do I do with my AquaPots in the winter?

We recommend for customers that experience freezing weather to first pump out the water from their AquaPots if they desire to save soil. Since we recommend that you replace your soil annually to provide more nutrients and minimize disease/viruses in the soil, plan on doing that in the spring.

If customers choose to entirely empty the AquaPots, they can be stored in a garage.  We recommend customers dump out all remaining soil and water before storing the containers for the winter. AquaPots can also be left upside down outside all winter.

Another option would be to pump out the water, leave the soil, and cover the containers with a heavy duty garbage bag and some duct tape so no additional moisture can enter.  Should customers remove soil and water, and leave AquaPots outside, we recommend that you place a piece of wood or tile across the top opening that will prevent snow/rain from gathering, and then place a garbage bag over the AquaPots. 

Why should I use waterproofing sealant on my AquaPots?

Answer: Unglazed terra cotta is a porous material that absorbs water unless it is sealed with a glaze or waterproofing spray. That becomes an issue if you live in a colder climate that experiences freezing temperatures in the winter. If the walls of the terra cotta planter contain moisture, the water will expand when it freezes and cause cracking.

Why doesn’t this happen to regular terra cotta planters? Self-watering ceramic AquaPots are different from planters with drainage holes because AquaPots are designed to store water. As such, their clay walls don’t have the opportunity to dry out. However, if you leave regular terra cotta planters filled with soil out where they can freeze, you may experience cracking with them, too.

To prevent cracking, we recommend coating the unglazed inside walls and bottom of your ceramic AquaPots® planter with Flex Seal® Terra Cotta waterproof rubber sealant before first use or when the planter is completely dry. This layer of added protection will help to prevent the walls of the planter from failing and cracking. Taking this simple step will help to protect your investment so you can enjoy your AquaPots for years to come.


Here's what people are saying about AquaPots:

"Wow! We are thrilled with our AquaPots system. The gorgeous pottery we handpicked in various shapes and sizes with the watering system built in could not be easier to maintain when we are home or traveling. These one-of-a-kind pots are our best home investment to date. A GREAT addition to our outdoor living space!" - Gwen & Richard Z., Naples FL

"When Jack proposed these AquaPots to us, I'll admit I was skeptical that they would work like he said. However, after one full summer season of watering pots on our docks once a week as opposed to every other day, the labor savings alone paid for the entire collection of gorgeous pots in stunning Shepler's Blue! The plants and flowers also looked amazing all season long. We love them." - Chris Shepler, President of Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry, MI

"The AquaPots self-watering planters have brought such joy to our tenants. They love how our plants around to common areas, pool and entryways look so healthy and full now. The quality of the pottery is amazing too, and the fact that we don't have the staining and constant maintenance we used to have is a huge be

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