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Eco+ Containers at Retail

Join Us in Growing a Sustainable Future

After years of research, trials and development, Proven Winners now offers 100% plastic-free, compostable Eco+ containers for the growers who are producing our plants. Growers can now choose the Eco+ Grande container for all of our annuals; additional container sizes are in development. We encourage all retail garden centers to reach out to their grower partners and request plants grown in this new plastic-free container.

You have a unique opportunity to be among the first in the nation to offer plants in plant-powered, fully compostable Eco+ Grande containers — to be that eco-friendly solution that consumers are actively seeking. Early adopters of revolutionary products like this often see the greatest rewards in terms of earning customer loyalty and social currency in the marketplace.

We have developed a substantial set of resources for retailers who wish to offer the Eco+ containers. Learn about the 6 ways we are helping garden centers merchandise and advertise the Eco+ Grande container. You’ll find sharable content, POP signage, staff training opportunities and more here.



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Calloway’s Nursery - Texas

Arujo Farm & Greenhouses - Massachusetts
Judy Sharpton educating consumers at an IGC.

Sargent’s Gardens - Minnesota (Instagram post)


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How Does the Eco+ Container Work?

Our Eco+ plant-powered container is made in Minnesota from corn grown in the U.S. It looks and acts like plastic, which makes it easy to work with for growers, but breaks back down into inert organic matter over time in the garden.

The walls of the container have nutrients like calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus built right in. The entire container can be planted in the ground where, as it breaks down, those nutrients are slowly released to the plants over time, helping them grow bigger and stronger.

If a gardener doesn’t wish to plant the Eco+ containers, they can bring them to an industrial composting facility for processing. If they choose to throw the Eco+ containers away, they will still break down in the landfill hundreds of years faster than traditional plastic containers.

“This is an opportunity for the grower/retailer and home gardener to make a difference without changing their processes or practices,” says Danny Mishek, president of VistaTek and inventor of the Eco+ container. “The Eco+ pot allows people to have a landfill-free gardening experience without making any sacrifices on quality or performance.”


Find answers to your Eco+ container questions here.




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