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Kevin Hurd

Director of New Products

Kevin Hurd, joined the Proven Winners team as Director of New Products in 2012. A graduate of Iowa State University, Kevin became interested in hybridizing perennials while working as an intern with Nico Rijnbeek's Nursery in the Netherlands. Since then Kevin has developed a formidable portfolio of releases both at Walters Gardens, where he worked as a plant breeder for 7 years, and continuing to generate new releases as Kevin worked at Ball/Darwin perennials and then moved to Proven Winners. While at Walters Kevin made contact with breeders of perennial crops from around the world, he dedicated his time to bringing the best new perennials to the market.
Mr. Hurd now brings that same global perspective and love of plants to Proven Winners working with breeders in annual plants and managing the national trials system, as well as coordinating the global trialing network.

Walters Gardens, Inc. had had the privilege of introducing several of Kevin's hybrids, including Leucanthemum s. 'Banana Cream' PPAF and several of Kevin's introductions are part of the prestigious Proven Winners® Perennial Collection:

We offer the following of Kevin's hybrids:
Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH ‘Apple Slice’ PP21842 - Proven Winners® Perennial
Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH  ‘Black Cherry Wild’ PP21893 - Proven Winners® Perennial
Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH  ‘Coconut Punch’ PP21876 - Proven Winners® Perennial
Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH  ‘Pomegranate Kiss’ PP21895 - Proven Winners® Perennial
Leucanthemum s. ‘Banana Cream’ PPAF - Proven Winners® Perennial
Ligularia ‘Bottle Rocket’ PPAF - Proven Winners® Perennial

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