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New & Expanded Marketing Efforts for Spring 2023


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As consumer habits change and new gardeners abound, Proven Winners® marketing efforts continue to evolve as we seek to accomplish these marketing objectives: Inspire, Educate, and Create Demand & Awareness. Each campaign is staggered - with southern and western efforts kicking off in February, and northern markets beginning in late April. While awareness of the Proven Winners brand is the main objective, our National Plants of the Year will be the primary focus, along with new initiatives such as leafjoy®, AquaPots®, and our Eco+ Grande®. We will continue to invest in the marketing channels that deliver results year-over-year. In 2023 these new and expanded marketing channels will connect more consumers to the Proven Winners brand.


 NEW  National NPR Campaign

National Public Radio (NPR) engages 53 million people across its platforms - including the most listened-to drive-time news/talk programs in the U.S. 87% of their audience considers learning about new things very important. As a result, we will highlight new plants and products throughout the gardening season. We will tap into their podcast network - 82% of which take action based on the sponsorship.



 NEW  National iHeart Radio

iHeart has the largest audio streaming network - exceeding Spotify, Pandora, Apple and Amazon - with 76% of an unduplicated audience, delivering messages to new consumers daily. iHeart is the #1 podcast publisher with 30 million unique monthly downloads. Along with a national campaign, Proven Winners will sponsor a new podcast by Summer Rayne Oakes.



 NEW  10X More Over-The-Top Advertising

Over 82 million households use video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Now, and Amazon Prime Video. These ad-supported OTT services continue to grow and outperform traditional cable/satellite services. They have proven to be a complete game-changer for advertisers as they optimize reach, which is why Proven Winners will run short-form ads across these platforms in 2023. These ads will be 100% viewable on screen and run during, before and after video content.



15% More Outdoor Advertising

We will continue to expand our US weather-triggered outdoor advertising, minimizing wasted ads, and increasing our reach into southern & western markets. Proven Winners billboards will generate 280 million impressions in the top US and Canadian DMAs.


 NEW  MLB Season-long Promotion

Fans in your area will hear Proven Winners radio ads throughout the play-by-play of each game. This sponsorship will generate 62 million impressions across markets from spring to fall.



Home & Garden Shows Are Back!

Proven Winners will partner with Home & Garden shows across North America, reaching gardeners before their gardening season. We will showcase new varieties and products, including AquaPots Self-Watering Inserts, leafjoy houseplants, Twist n’ Plant® augers, and more. These are highly targeted events - featuring our IGC customers’ teams.


 NEW  Special Promotions

Supertunia® Summer (NEW) and Summerific® Week


*Marketing plans are subject to change without notice.

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