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Found a New Plant?

Years of work, or lucky accident, the discovery of an exciting new or improved variety is every plant breeder and gardener's dream; but once you've found it, then what? For many top breeders, the answer is to contact Proven Winners®.

Finding or developing new plants is difficult enough, but negotiating legal issues, dealing with marketing and meeting production requirements is more than most individuals want to deal with. For this reason Proven Winners is the perfect partner to help you bring your plant to a global market.

Proven Winners works with their plant breeders to explain the risks, and can help to manage the costs of patenting your discovery. Proven Winners also provides the infrastructure to help you succeed. Virus screening, tissue-culture facilities, comparative trialing, the highest quality production facilities and an international marketing network including the US, continental Europe, Japan, South Africa and Australia.

Proven Winners works with more than 170 different plant breeders and plant breeding firms globally. We are the leading retail brand in the US and Canada and sell millions of young plants around the globe while paying royalties for patented plant material to the breeders we work with. We have the most recognized retail brand in the business and are known for having only the highest quality genetics. Let us help you succeed by using our network of experts in genetics, production and marketing of ornamental plants.

For information about Proven Winners plant criteria or to discuss your work, contact our experts.

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