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Succeeding with Superbena® Verbena


Verbena flowers have been grown for generations and have a certain vintage appeal to them. Unfortunately, older verbenas were often plagued by powdery mildew which turned their foliage white and hampered their blooms from forming. Then, along came Superbena verbena to save the day! 

We've spent many years perfecting the disease resistance and strong flowering performance of Superbena verbena. You can be confident they'll grow and bloom beautifully for you from spring into fall without having to remove the spent blossoms. They're easy too, since they don't need quite as much water or food as some annuals. 

Superbenas grow well in hanging baskets, patio containers and landscapes. Expect them to have a mounding habit in spring but a more spreading or trailing shape as they mature through the seasons.

Here are a few more tips for growing beautiful Superbena verbena plants.

Superbena grows and blooms best in sun.

  • If you have at least 6 hours of direct sun per day, you can grow Superbena. More than 6 hours is even better. 
  • Sun is what generates energy in plants, so the more sun they get, the stronger the plants will grow and the more flowers they will produce. 
  • If your Superbena looks healthy but isn't growing very fast or has few flowers, move it to a sunnier location.

Don't overfeed Superbena.

  • While the sun gives plants energy, the minerals and nutrients in plant food give the plants what they need to grow new leaves and flowers. 
  • When you plant Superbena in a container in spring, incorporate our premium continuous release plant food, which comes in a pellet form, into the soil. The special coating on the pellets is designed to release more food during warmer months when your plants are growing the fastest.
  • After about 8 weeks, start to feed your Superbena with our premium water soluble plant food once every ten days to two weeks. Why do we call it "premium"? Because it contains EDDHA Iron and minor nutrients which keep the foliage green, full and healthy all season.
  • If you plant Superbena in the ground as a flowering annual groundcover, incorporate our premium continuous release plant food or compost into the soil. No additional feeding should be needed to keep them happy and blooming for the rest of the season.  

Be careful not to overwater Superbena.

  • Superbena can tolerate drier soils than some annuals, especially when grown in the landscape.
  • In containers, keep the soil slightly moist, but not soggy. Let it dry out a bit before you water again, but not so much that the plant wilts. 
  • When you grow Superbena in hanging baskets or patio pots, it's best to pair it with other types of flowers that like to dry out a bit between waterings like bidens, sweet potato vine or Angelface® angelonia

Trimming optional. 

  • Superbena does not require as much trimming as some annuals to keep it looking great and in bloom all season. 
  • If you feel like it could use a little trim now and then, go ahead and snip off as much as 20% from the ends of the stems at any time during the growing season. This isn't necessary to keep it in bloom, but it will give the plant a fuller, bushier shape and encourage it to produce more flowers. 
  • Superbena grown in the ground typically does not need to be trimmed at all during the growing season.

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