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The FLOWER PILLOW™ from Proven Winners includes everything you need to grow a gorgeous container of flowers. The pre-assembled, 6" x 4”, flower-filled pillow is perfectly sized to fit your 12”-14” container, hanging basket or window box. To plant, simply water the pillow, then place it in your container, covering it with potting soil leaving just the base of the plants above the soil line. Water it again after planting to help the soil settle, then sit back and watch it grow.

The FLOWER PILLOW™ is an eco-friendly, biodegradable sac that is designed like a tea bag. It keeps all of the good soil packed in around the roots, but is thin enough to allow the roots to grow right through it to fill your container.

To learn more about the FLOWER PILLOW™, visit the FLOWER PILLOW™ FAQ page.

FLOWER PILLOW™ orders will ship the weeks of May 1st, 8th and 15th.

ImageNamePriceAdd to cart
Above and Beyond FLOWER PILLOW™Above and Beyond FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Autumn Breeze FLOWER PILLOW™Autumn Breeze FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Blue Lighting FLOWER PILLOW™Blue Lighting FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Calm River FLOWER PILLOW™Calm River FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Celebration FLOWER PILLOW™Celebration FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Fire Goddess FLOWER PILLOW™Fire Goddess FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Full of Joy FLOWER PILLOW™Full of Joy FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Girls Night Out FLOWER PILLOW™Girls Night Out FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Home Again FLOWER PILLOW™Home Again FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Honeybelle FLOWER PILLOW™Honeybelle FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Let Your Light Shine FLOWER PILLOW™Let Your Light Shine FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
Pumpkin Squash FLOWER PILLOW™Pumpkin Squash FLOWER PILLOW™$14.99
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