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IGCs Grow Sales Through a Proven Winners® Destination













Looking to better utilize a problem area at your retail garden center? Let us help!

With a goal of continually working to offer effective, innovative ways to satisfy your customers, we’ve worked with independent retailers across North America to create a custom Proven Winners Destination in their existing store. These IGCs have seen positive changes immediately and are able to move more product as a result.

How It Works 

Jessica DeGraaf, Heather Poire and Amy Howard, regional account managers for Proven Winners, are ready to meet with you to discuss your goals for your store. They’ll work one-on-one with you to find the most effective place to add a Destination within your existing layout, which is often a low traffic area that needs a boost. Together, you will brainstorm ideas on how to display the product there, and they will help you produce custom signage that matches the look and feel of your store.

Jessica, Heather or Amy will help connect you with wholesalers who can work with you to stock your new display. Once you are all set up and ready to go, they will join you in kicking your rejuvenated space off with a Proven Winners Day. They’ll work with your staff and customers to get everyone excited about the plants you’re offering. Their passion is growing your success.


Take it from these retailers who’ve seen great success by creating a Proven Winners Destination at their IGC.

Homestead Gardens
Davidsonville, Maryland

“Homestead Gardens has been a destination garden center for over 45 years here in Maryland and we feel that our partnership with Proven Winners and Four Star is going to propel us into the next 45 years. Having that strong brand connection and the feeling of a destination within a destination sets us up for long term success.” – Chris Leveille, general manager of Homestead Gardens

East Coast Garden Center
Millsboro, Delaware

“In the past we have done a lot with Proven Winners but sometimes the Proven Winners plants would get lost in the mix with all of the other varieties. We really wanted to create an area that we could feature the Proven Winners products. So, we took a troubled area in our garden center that wasn’t being utilized and created an awesome place where people can shop. There has definitely been more traffic in that area now that it is set up properly.” – Chris Cordrey, co-owner of East Coast Garden Center


Van Wilgen’s Garden Center
North Branford, Connecticut

“At Van Wilgen’s we always say ‘you get out what you put in.’ Creating these destinations show you are really invested in Proven Winners and what ColorChoice shrubs have to offer. The combination of Proven Winners’ retail package, along with a customized Destination, is a powerful tool to drive turns and margin.” –Ryan Van Wilgen, vice president for Van Wilgen’s


Badding Brothers Farm Market and Garden Center
East Amherst, New York

“The best part of the Proven Winners program is that it is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of each individual garden center. Our first year of the Proven Winners Destination program was an exciting learning experience as retailers and growers, and we are able to take that knowledge into next season to better serve our customers.” – Anna Badding, owner of Badding Brothers

Cedar Rim Nursery
Langley, British Columbia

“We are extremely happy with the turnover we are seeing in our new Proven Winners area and the feedback we are getting from our customers is phenomenal! We are really excited to see our sales grow in this area and we would highly recommend that other garden centers invest in this amazing line of annuals, perennials and shrubs.” – Amanda Bruce, general manager for Cedar Rim


Rady to Get Started?

We’re ready to talk with you about creating a Proven Winners Destination at your IGC. Use this map to see if you are in Jessica or Heather’s territory, then give them a call or drop them an email to get started.

Email Jessica DeGraaf

P: 616-706-7970

Email Heather Poire

P: 603-286-0121

Email Amy Howard

P: 231-750-3643

Let’s get growing together! Contact us about creating a Proven Winners Destination and start building your sales today.

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